Which are More Dangerous, Mice or Rats?

Rodent infestation of home is a big deal- let us face it. Apart from the “ugly” factor of finding a mouse or rat on your bed or dining table, these smelly creatures also carry large number of diseases that can be terminal at times. Since these have infested your home and are pent up on destroying your property and food stock it is time that you think about eliminating them from your premises. Canada is infested with primarily house mice, Norway rats, deer mice and roof rats and these are the common rodents found in North American homes. Out of these which one is the most dangerous to have in your home? let us explore the facts related to rats vs mice and before that make sure to call an expert rodent control such as BBPP, most effective mouse exterminator Thornhill and get your property inspected and eradicate the rodents from your home.

Which is dangerous mouse or rat?


Mouse is much smaller to a rat and they like to live near you in your home and indoors. Your house provides a perfect environment for them to live and prosper. A house mouse can give birth to 14 litters per birth and they breed year around. The worst thing is that the babies too start breeding only after 5 weeks of their birth and now you know how the infestation could get out of hand. Just imaging the amount of food they could eat and waste and the number of home components they could damage. House mouse is not as aggressive as rats and is not a threat with regards to bite. House mice carry a number of diseases including Hantavirus, Salmonellosis and Listeria. These they spread through their droppings, saliva and urine that they leave on the floors and other home surfaces. if you are aware these are highly infectious and dangerous diseases that will require immediately medical attention or things could go out of control. Mice also leave a foul odor in the house which is hard to get rid of and unpleasant to bear.


Now let us come to the rats. Norway rats are commonly found in this part of the world and they are the largest of the species. They give birth to 7 babies per litter and they have on an average 5 litter per year. They could be scary when they confront you with their beady eyes and a tail that is equal to their body length. They are known to carry diseases like cryptosporidiosis, viral hemorrhagic fever, Q fever, Weil’s disease, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Norway rats are difficult to control as they are highly aggressive and adaptive to occasions.  The roof rats on the other hand are smaller in size to Norway rats and they mostly infest roof, cabinets, ceilings and other elevated places. They are known to carry diseases like, Rat-Bite Fever, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Murine Typhus, Toxoplasmosis and trichinosis.

Which is worse?

Both mice and rats can damage home structure and destroy property with their gnawing, chewing and biting. They can destroy food stock and contaminate them to spread diseases. Mice are smaller than rats hence they can easily squeeze in to tiniest openings to enter your home. Rats are known to terrorize mice and even hunt and kill them owing to their bigger size. Out of the two rats are known to be more aggressive. Now judge yourself which one is bad or worse? Regardless of which one is infesting your home you should make sure to remove them because of what they can do to your home and in order call BBPP, the best pest control Thornhill to rid of them at once. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote.

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