3 Ways Your House Mice And Rats Can Spread Diseases

Mice may look cute and adorable when you take a photograph of them and send them to your friends but in fact they are anything but adorable or cute, when they start working on your home components. The devastation they can cause is unfathomable especially when they are large in numbers. The frequency with which they breed it is not a hard task for them to multiply quickly and in sizable numbers. It is a well known fact that they steal your food and destroy what you have stored. They also contaminate the food items that they spill during the process and with it your home surfaces. Here is where they are most dangerous because their contamination of food and surfaces can give you deadly infections about which we will describe in the following paragraphs. Before going to that you should find out whether you have mice infestation and if so, call BBPP, the most successful mouse exterminator Kleiburg and get them out of your home.

How mice can infect your home and you?

Sharing space with rodents are enough to get you sick because they set no standards for cleanliness that human expectation. Like all other infection carrying pests, mice also carry many viruses and infections and they spread them through various ways. Here is how they spread diseases:

  • Through droppings

Mice droppings are the symptoms of mice infestation in your house, but they could also make family members very ill. Mice urine can also make you sick and both these items are used by mice to mark territory. Mice are able to spread deadly diseases like Hantavirus, salmonella, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV) through the above waste and if you will catch these diseases by merely touching the droppings and urine.

  • Through Parasites they carry

Along with what they could do with their waste, mice also bring in guests in the form of ticks, fleas and mites which are basically parasites and they hide in the hairy skin of the rodents. These parasites are responsible for spreading diseases like Lyme disease and Colorado tick fever. If you have large presence of tick in your lawn then you are likely to catch these diseases, courtesy house mice.  Fleas similarly cause diseases like bubonic plague and they piggyback in to your home using house mice and rats. The danger of catching the disease is more if you especially have pets in your home.

  • Through bites

Rate-bite-fever is the most common disease spread by mice and rats. The virus that is responsible for the disease is carried in to your home by the rodents and it could be either through a direct bite or touching the rodent which is dead due to the infection. You could also contract the disease by eating or drinking food items contaminated by rats and mice.

Now you know how dangerous the situation is, the time has come to take action when you sight mice droppings in your home next time.  Removing mice from home is no DIY task and it is the specialization of professional exterminators like BBPP, the best pest control Kleiburg and the most popular in nearby towns.  You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote.

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