North York Pest Control

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We, Best Bugs And Pest Protection Inc provide eco-friendly and cost effective pest control solutions to North York and nearby areas. We have trained and certified pest control technicians in our employment who carry out pest control North York tasks in a clinical manner and with maximum outcome.

Experienced Pest Exterminators in North York

Our pest exterminators in North York are vastly experienced in dealing with rats, mice, wasps, rodents, spiders and other pests so they are able to achieve maximum results using naturally sustainable chemicals. Their knowledge of the above species in the area also makes them experts in handling the unruly pests in the most decisive manner. Our pest exterminators also observe utmost safety while working in domestic environment.

Rodent Exterminators North York

Rodents like mice and rats are furry smelly characters that are hard to dislodge when they get in to your gardens, basements and crevices in rooms. If you do not have extensive knowledge of rodents and how to rid of them, you may end up doing more harm than removing rats or mice. Your best bet is with our pest control North York teams which is expert in flushing out rodents from their holes and send them away scurrying from your home with highly successful extermination procedures.

Mice Exterminators North York

Removing mice from your household is of utmost importance because letting them stay would prove costly for your North York home. Mice are known to multiply in hordes and within a short period of time they would establish colonies in your attic, barn, basement and other unused areas making life miserable for you. We have the best mice extermination experts in our roll to deal with mice and they will use the latest snaring methods and environmentally sustainable rodenticides to remove them.

Rat Removal North York

When rats settle down in a home, they make it their own and have a field day. They will damage wooden structures, cut electrical wires and possibly start a fire. They will get into your sofa and nibble and chew the fillings or build nest under car engine hood and destroy electrical wiring. Damage can be extensive if they stay that way but you can find relief with our environment friendly rat removals.

Wasp Removal North York

Wasp sting is common across Canada and they usually cause pain, itching, swelling and redness of skin. There are wasps and hornets that can cause extreme allergic reactions from victims which sometimes may prove lethal. If your home is infested with wasps we will comprehensively remove them from your premises without you changing or stopping your daily routine. We will also observe utmost caution while exterminating them so they don’t harm you or your neighbors.

Spiders Exterminators North York

Exterminating spiders is important task because they could spread webs overnight and use your barn, attic, roofs, ceilings, room corners and other areas to weave them. Spider webs are ungainly sight and spider bites are sometimes lethal. We are meticulous when dealing with spiders and our pest exterminators North York will check all possible infestations and remove them without a trace.

BBPP also undertakes the removal of other pests like bedbugs, cockroaches, centipedes, silverfish, ants, and fruit flies with telling results. Our pest exterminators North York only use chemicals that are approved by environmental authorities for the extermination and we are licensed to operate in North York and our service areas. We offer lowest rates for our pest removal services and our expertise also extends to industrial and commercial outfits. Contact us on phone number 647-910-6315 to avail our services or send email to to get a quote.