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If your space is crawling with pests, an infestation is just around the corner.

These seasonal intruders may come out of hiding during rains but their lifespan ranges from two to five years. Centipedes are particularly difficult to deal with and can evade attempts made to get rid of them. Their sting is similar to that of bees, it causes discomfort and swelling.

They have no problem slipping into your homes or workspace with their slender and flexible form. Most likely found near bathrooms and closets these pests are difficult to spot and even more difficult to eradicate.

Our experts will clear your home or workplace from these creepy nuisances saving you the discomfort. After BBPP’s Centipede Control Services, you’ll have your home back with no surprise visits from these little troublemakers. Although not usually fatal, their sting is still venomous, and painful on different scales based on the type.

So, the next time you find any centipede running into hiding when you turn on the lights, contact Best Bug and Pests Protection Control for the most effective centipede extermination in GTA.

Different services offered by BBPP Inc.

At BBPP, our team of exterminators are fully qualified, insured, and licensed for all your pest control needs. We specialize in dealing with a broad range of pests– centipedes, ants, wasps, cockroaches, bed bugs and flies are some of them.

After getting a request from you, we offer a free consultation and find out the root cause behind your pest problems. We sketch a plan and come up with environmentally responsible programs to save you from the torment of these tiny menaces. We use only eco-friendly and sustainable chemicals to exterminate your house from pests without harming the environment.

Centipedes can enter structures from small cracks in the foundation and hide there until they are forced out of their habitat due to heavy rains or any reason. But with BBPP Inc. you’ve nothing to worry about, sit back and relax while we make sure that these invaders leave your premises at once. Don’t worry we’ll be back for our regular visits and continue to check for any possible infestation and clear out every last centipede from your vision.

To avail our premium services, call us on 647-910-6315 or write to us on info@bbppcanada.com and our experts will reach you as soon as they can. We are with you 7 days a week and offer free consultations to our customers.

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