Best Bugs and Pest Protection Inc (BBPP) is an experienced service provider to Etobicoke homes and our pest controls are of the latest technology procedures aimed to exterminate mice population without any environmental damage.  Our Mice Control Etobicoke services are easily affordable and they are carried out with minimum of fuss.

Mouse control and removal solutions in Etobicoke

Our mouse control removal solutions include exterminating all types of mice seen in North America and that would also include the House Mice. The Mus musculus has high breeding rate and attempt to build nests and then colonies in human habitats and nearby fields. It is important to control House Mice because it can contaminate your food and damage household assets. A single mouse can produce 5-10 litters in a year and each of these litters reach breeding age in 8 weeks. We, the best Mouse Control Etobicoke are aware of this phenomenon and likewise take measures that are intended exterminate them in the very beginning.

Mice Removal Etobicoke

Mice such as the Field Mice are characteristically big eaters and can consume food many times more than their body weight. Your house with mice infestation can take a toll on your food stock and other items stored in outhouses besides contaminating home surfaces and spreading deadly diseases. Our Mice control Etobicoke has acute knowledge of this mice species which are known to be outdoor mice but can wander in to your home for food in the process contaminate home and spread Hantavirus and accordingly deal with them so they don’t make a comeback soon.

Rat Removal Etobicoke

If you hear screechy noises from your roof and scurrying of tiny feet, it is the sign of roof rat infestation. Roof rates are hard to deal with because they are agile and can climb, jump and scurry at faster speeds thus avoid detection. But our trained Rat removal Etobicoke can detect them as well as remove them comprehensively from your home using latest rat catching and extermination methods. Your home could also be infested by Norway Rats which are larger species capable of wreaking large scale havoc with food and household items besides spreading diseases like jaundice, cowpox virus, trichinosis, salmonellosis and rat-bite fever. It is highly significant that you remove them from your home at an early stage before they take root. However our rat removal Etobicoke technicians can deal with the decisively and erode them from your home using only environment friendly rodenticides.

Rodent Removal Etobicoke

Rodents such as Deer Mice are known to infest fields and outdoor areas. They can be big problems for crops, outhouses, and vacation homes as they could bring in the deadly Hantavirus besides causing damage to structure and food stock. Our professional rodent removals Etobicoke knows all about these kind and employ mice extermination procedures that are human and pet friendly while devastating for the rodents.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Etobicoke

You Etobicoke residents deserve only the best mice extermination services and at BBPP we provide only the most effective and proven mice extermination methods that are immensely safe while being highly reliable. We are safe because we do not use environment damaging chemicals to remove mice from your home and we are reliable because our mice exterminator Etobicoke has always produced hundred percent results in mice removal.

If you have mice infestation irrespective of their size can call our ever reliable rodent control services as we BBPP have a huge reputation for effective mice removal in Etobicoke and nearby areas. You can contact us on phone 647-910-6315 or send email to and get a quick response.