Best Bugs and Pest Protection Inc is an experienced pest control providing services to Barrie and nearby towns. Our mouse control and extermination solutions are specially designed to suit individual home needs and we employ nothing but the best of pest control professionals who have tons of expertise dealing with rats and mice.  All our pest control services are environmentally safe and practically effective rodent elimination procedures.

Mouse control and removal solutions in Barrie

Mice can be highly destructive when they get in to your backyard or outside shed and home. They not only inhabit your homes and contaminate them but also deal considerable amount of damage to food material and assets. They also bring in deadly viruses that could turn terminal if not prevented infection in the first place. Our mice control Barrie solutions are designed to meet individual home needs and our mouse exterminators thoroughly inspect your premises before coming up with an effective mouse control and removal solution.

Mice Removal Barrie

House mice are a formidable enemy to your home as it will settle down and prosper in numbers. With incessant chatter and scurrying activities they will disturb your sleep and peace while pillaging your food stock.  Letting them stay at your house will turn it in to a stink-hole and become a breeding ground for diseases and contamination. Your house may be infested with Deer Mice, another variant, which usually take shelter under the deck, in outer sheds, attic and barns. Their presence is clear danger for your property and goods and our Mouse Control Barrie can deal with them decisively and get rid of them without disturbing your daily activities.

Rat Removal Barrie

If you hear noises coming from upper part of your house like roof, floor boards, and insulation you can easily come to the conclusion that your home is infested with roof rats. These are extremely nimble creatures that can climb over drain pipes, tree branches and access lines and eventually get in to your homes. They could prove tremendously difficult to catch with home remedies and will need the expertise of our Rat removal Barrie services consisting of hardened rodent control technicians. These rats usually go for your structures, furniture and storage units and you will find gnaw marks and fresh droppings throughout the house when they increase in numbers. You can trust our team to deal with them with certainty even if they are a big colony of rats as they have special treatments to deal with rats that are greater in numbers. 

Rodent Removal Barrie

Rodents’ presence in homes would mean destruction of food materials, contamination of living spaces and the ominous signs of upcoming mice related diseases.  Besides causing structural damage and destroying food material, rodents also carry diseases like Hantavirus, LCMV, Leptospirosis, Salmonella and Tularemia. These are highly infectious and dangerous diseases to your family members and tackling them effectively will avoid infection.   Field mice can carry these diseases in to your home via ticks and mites and the same can be caused by Norway rats and more of the rodent species. For Rodent removal Barrie, identifying them and exterminating them is a daily activity which we do with utmost professionalism and certainty of results.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Barrie

When you let in pest control inside your home it is important that the service is safe and reliable. With vast experience in the field and latest obtained extermination techniques we are able to provide result oriented Mice Exterminator Barrie, and also provide our clients with useful tips that will help with prevention or re-occurrence.  You can be rest assured that our rodent extermination is absolutely safe and will not produce harmful side effects.

BBPP is synonymous with result oriented rodent control and extermination treatments and our services are environment friendly and low costs. We also deal with other pests like bedbugs, ants, roaches, wasps, spiders etc and all our pest control programs are easily affordable. You can contact us on phone number 647-910-6315 or by email to to engage us.

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