Mice can be furry little creatures that squeak and scurry throughout your home and your exterior capable of delivering high impact damage to your home structures, food material and appliances. With BBPP you have don’t have to worry about rodents like rats and mice as we happen to be among the best when it comes to mice control Markham. Our rodent extermination procedures are highly effective and we use only approved procedures that are environment friendly and executed by experienced technicians.

Mouse control and removal solutions in Markham

Our mouse control Markham includes House Mice, Field Mice, Deer Mice Norway Rats, and Roof Rats besides others. We are able to hassle free house removal solutions owing to the latest technology we use and the environment friendly rodenticides that are approved. Each of these mice needs special treatment and we are equal to the task as we have tested and proved procedures in our arsenal.

Mice Removal Markham

Removing mice from your household will save your food articles, furniture, clothing, insulation and cables, as they are fond of eating and chewing these items. However giving in to the temptation of removing them by you could end in adversity and escalate the situation. Our mice removal Markham are purpose designed and technology backed hence will not be counterproductive but comprehensive mice extermination.

Rat Removal Markham

Roof rats have the tendency to make nests in upper part of structures such as roof, attic, and over hangings. They will get entry by squeezing through gaps, and holes located on the roof and by climbing drain pipes and cables. You can detect their presence by their droppings measuring 12-13 mm and 18-20 mm for Norway Rats. Contact us on first sighting of the rats and our rat removal Markham will get them eliminated by our highly skilled rat removal team.

Rodent Removal Markham

Rodents can ruin your homes once they get in and settled. They are always hungry and can multiple at alarming rate. They will transform your homes in to unbearable stink chambers with their droppings, urine and their musky odor. It is vital for you to remove them if you want to live in peace and our rodent removal Markham can remedy the situation by exterminating them entirely.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Markham

Mice extermination procedures if not applied properly can cause accident and injury to family members. So it is critical that you employ only safe and reliable extermination services like ours. We send only the best Mice Exterminator Markham in our employment so mice extermination at your home is done under complete safety. We also equip them with the latest extermination devices so rodenticides are applied in a controlled manner. We employ every safety measure in the book and use only proven chemicals which are environment friendly.

BBPP is synonymous with total rodent control which is eco-friendly and cheap. Besides eliminating rats and mice from your homes we also deal with other pests like wasps, bed bugs, spiders, ants, cockroaches etc., at affordable packages. If you want our result oriented mice removal services call our number 647-910-6315 or send email to