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Pest Infestation is an uncomfortable fact that confronts households across Canada. Boxelder Bugs are in the line of typical house pests that encroach upon life space in your households and create nuisance. The bug is essentially a nuisance bug whose fecal matters can stain brand new clothing, drapes, curtain etc. They can also produce unpleasant odor if crushed or rough handled and we BBPP are most experienced Boxelder bug exterminator in the town as we remove the menace comprehensively using professional pest control technicians and equipment. Our pest control team is certified and licensed to operate in the area.

What are Boxelder Bugs?

The Boxelder bugs take their name from the tree Boxelder which they infest year around. The bugs can be seen throughout Easter Canada and United States and wherever you spot Boxelder trees. They will enter buildings, homes, garages and sheds when it becomes cold outside.  They emerge out of hibernation in March-April when it is time for the Boxelder tress to bloom and feed on the seeds that are fallen. Later they move to female Boxelder trees or Maple trees and eat leaves that have just sprouted. The bug is also fond of eating fruits like plum and apple. This can be damaging but with our effective Boxelder bug treatment by professionals it can be easily overcome.

What do Boxelder Bugs Look Like?

Boxelder bugs can be easily identified by their black and reddish or orange marks on their body. They have six legs and are elongated oval in shape with flattened narrow head.  They can measure half an inch or 11-14 mm and they are endowed with a set of antennae. Boxelder nymphs look very similar to adult Boxelder bugs but do not have wings. These are bright red in color. Our Boxelder bug Canada team is well versed with the lifestyle of the bugs and is experienced in removing them without causing inconvenience to your household.

The Life Cycle of a Boxelder Bug

The female Boxelder bugs lay eggs yellow in color on eaves, stones, shrubs, trees and grass. They find crevices appearing in the bark of Boxelder trees most suitable to establish homes. After two weeks the eggs turn red as the larvae develops and become full grown Boxelder bug. They give birth to two generation of Boxelder bugs in a year and they mostly feed on Boxelder tree seeds and then move on to eat new leaves. During fall Boxelder bugs invade rocks, buildings and trees where they find sunlight and congregate. They seek asylum in deep wall crevices in order to insulate themselves in winter. Boxelder bug removal is must because they can cause great deal of discomfort and discoloration of fabrics found in your home.

How to Control/ get rid of a Boxelder Bug Infestation

Boxelder bugs can bite and pierce skin causing irritation and producing small reddish bumps similar to mosquito bites. They will move over clothing and draperies to cause reddish orange stain materialized out of their fecal matters.   This may cause discoloration of clothing when they crawl on them. BBPP the best Boxelder bug removal near me is your best option to remove them as we are experienced in their extermination.

BBPP offers the best Boxelder bug control package in the area and is also experts in removing other house pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders, centipedes etc. Our pest control prices are easily affordable compared to others all our pest removal procedures are need specified and budget oriented. You can contact us on phone number 647-910-6315 or by email and get a free quote for our service.

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