BBPP has been serving Vaughan households for a long time and we are known for our professional pest control services that include rats and mice removal from homes and their periphery. We use only trained and certified pest control technicians and approved mice extermination procedures.  Our mice control packages are affordable and effective and completely environment safe. We offer quality service irrespective of your mice infestation being small or large.

Mouse control and removal solutions in Vaughan

A house mouse is small in size but is capable of causing big damage when it gets in to your kitchen or food storage. It will multiply in no time and increase manifold if not stopped at the outset. They are fond of grains, seeds, cereals and sweets and will invade your food storage during night and pillage them. Besides wasting and contaminating food they will also cause allergies and diseases in your home. Our mice control Vaughan use specific mouse control and removal programs for them and you can expect the results to be thorough and professional.  

Mice Removal Vaughan

Deer mice and Field Mice are of almost the same size (between 6-8 Inches) and round in appearance and can equally destroy your food items and property. Field mice the larger species is capable of destroying crops, grain storage, bird seed, and pet food and outhouse and barn structures with their incessant gnawing and biting. Both are capable of bringing deadly viruses like Hantavirus and others in to your homes. What you need is our mouse removal Vaughan which you can expect to be absolutely professional and environment friendly while being conclusive. 

Rat Removal Vaughan

Rats like Norway rat or roof rat have longer incisors which grow at rapid speed, and they use them with devastating effect on your structure, furniture, garden, plants and garden. They will dig holes and burrows and make a network of them and will attack anything they find in your outhouse. They are also carriers of parasites with viruses and they can leave large scale infection with their urine and feces. If you do not remove them immediately you will suffer from property and health damage. Call our rat removal Vaughan and we will ensure that they are no more inhibiting your homes.

Rodent Removal Vaughan

Rodents not only get in to your home interior and exterior but also get on to your roof, attic and other high places. Roof Rats are such rodents that can get into your nerves with constant screeching, running and gnawing. Besides wrecking home they would also wreck your mental peace. It is vital to remove these smelly creatures from your home if you want to live in peace and tranquility. With our expert rodent removal Vaughan team we can accomplish this with surety and restore your home rats free.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Vaughan

BBPP considers customer safety paramount and accordingly go about with our mice extermination. We provide the safest and most reliable rodent extermination in your area and our mice exterminator Vaughan is well versed in the households and the rodents that infest them. It will be result oriented mice removal package that will keep rats and mice away from your home for a long time. We only use environment safe chemicals to exterminate them.

Our mice extermination packages are environment friendly and easy to afford. They are carried out by experienced pest control professionals who will be thorough and cooperative. BBPP also offers wasp removal Vaughan, bugs, ants, spiders, and cockroaches removal services etc at affordable packages. If you want our professional mice removal give a call on 647-910-6315 and get a free quote.