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Richmond Hill is a city in the South-Central York Region, Ontario, Canada. This city has been showing a significant population growth since the 1990s.
Richmond Hill, remaining a transition zone between the city and the country, has farms, ravines, and parkland throughout the city, and as diverse as the changing landscape in Richmond city, so are the pest issues. We provides the best pest control services in Richmond Hill.

Carpenter ants show many infestations in the older neighborhoods, whereas cluster flies infest the more rural parts of this city. If you go through several surveys about Richmond Hill, you will see that ants have caused the biggest problem of infestation. These ants are of two types, the typical ants and the carpenter ants.
Typical ants, on the one hand, do not cause that much problem but still have to be treated, but on the other hand, carpenter adults can be a huge problem because they don’t eat through wood or damage the infrastructures, but they tunnel their way in and feed off the food.

Another problem Richmond experience is wasps, bees, and hornets. They become very aggressive and potential to get stung rises during the summer season as the nests mature, and the numbers increase.
Be it ants, rodents, cockroaches, bugs, wasps, rodents, mice, or even groundhogs. If you’re facing something of this sort, then be at BBPP control are here to help you and to solve your issue. Your home is your haven so it should not have any problem that’ll disturb you and your loved ones.  Considered to be one of the best pest control services, we offer you high-quality, excellent pest control using advanced equipment.
Our experienced staff members provide investigation all over your house and also coming up with the most strategic plan so to entirely eradicate infestation from your home or business. Our highly trained professionals provide a wide range of options for the treatment and have well-equipped means of prevention of occasional visitors to your home.

Don’t worry, no matter what the pest infestation you are dealing with. We can help tackle:

  • Bugs like bed bugs,
  • Bees,
  • Mice, wasps, rats.
  • Household pests like cockroaches, and spiders
  • Other pests like flies and mosquitoes.

We provide effective measures that are not only eco-friendly but also protect you and your habitation. One of the best pest control services in Richmond Hill.

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