BBPP is a complete mice control solution that we employ with great effect for Mice Control Caledon communities. Our services include mice control and mice extermination and they are carried out by us using trained pest control technicians and using environment friendly rodenticides.

Mouse control and removal solutions in Caledon

Our mice removal solutions are well planned procedures that are appropriate to exterminate all kinds of mice including the House Mice. It is a dangerous rodent to have in your home and if it is a colony of them the infestation could be extremely complicated for you because the rodents will eat your food material, litter them on kitchen and other surfaces and contaminate them beyond salvage. We are equal to the task and find the right mouse removal solution to come up with comprehensive mice extermination.

Mice Removal Caledon

Your home may be infested with field mice if it is located near high growth of vegetation and foliage. Field mice have this tendency to attack outhouses, barns, attic and other outer storage and destroy furniture, insulation and woodwork. Also called as wood mouse the species can spread critical infections in homes through parasites and their feces. Our Mouse Control Caledon is designed to remove the rodent from your outdoors and indoors using rodenticides that have no side effects on human and pets.

Rat Removal Caledon

Norway rats are potentially dangerous rodents that are big and scary. An adult Norway rat can be as long as 7-9 inches and can weigh as much as 20 ounces. You will need some special efforts to eliminate them from your home and our Rat Removal Caledon technicians are trained to deal with them effectively using result oriented eco-friendly rat extermination procedures.

Rodent Removal Caledon

We have specifically designed rodent removal Caledon procedures to control and exterminate rodents like roof rats and deer mice. These are distinctly known for their trait to disturb households with their nest building and food hunting activities and make you spend sleepless nights.  Roof rats can be found in the upper parts of the house and will damage woodwork and eat away food materials. Deer mice take refuge in outhouses and are common carriers of the deadly Hantavirus.  It is vital for the health of your family that you remove the infestation from your home and ask for our special service.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Caledon

While executing rodent removal it is important to use safe and reliable extermination procedures so family health is not harmed in anyway. We observe the safest methods and use reliable extermination procedures to remove rats and mice from Caledon homes. Our Mice Exterminator Caledon is trained to work inconspicuously and not interrupt in your daily activities. The rodenticides, baits and traps we use are absolutely harmless to human while being effective in removing rodents from your home. You can bank up on us for comprehensive rodent removal that is affordable and cost effective.

At BBPP we provide custom made rodent removal programs that are eco-friendly and effective. We are easily affordable and our services also extend to removing of pests like bugs, wasps, cockroach, ants and more. If your home is infested with mice call our number 647-910-6315 or send email to