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An unincorporated Canadian community in King, Ontario, King City is the largest Community in King Township. According to the Canada census of 2016, King City has a population of 6,970 and around 2,396 dwellings.
The second most pest infestation issue King City faces is mice.
Apart from causing problems in hotels, entertainment, and manufacturing facilities, many residences in King city have been dealing with a mice infestation. Mice are attracted to is food and shelter and your home or warehouse or even business facilities are ideal for their growth.

They tend to chew through stuff, which can cause huge losses and problems to your infrastructure. Plus, the rodents are known to carry several diseases, including allergens. We provide best pest control services in King City.

Pest Control Services in King City – Do not Delay!

You need to take quick action because prolonged infestation by these tests can become a danger for you as well as your family. Talk to us at BBPP to know how we can help.

Yes, there are several DIY’s or do yourself remedies are available over the internet, but even if they work, there is undoubtedly a possibility of them returning. And if you are thinking about using rat poison, then you must be very aware if you have kids at home, as it can be very harmful to them as well as you.

You need to look at complete pest control services in King City, whether it be for your business or your home. Till you call us at BBPP, you can do the following to try and tackle the problem. It’s not going to work in the long run, but may help you ward off the pests for a few days.

Vents- If you have vents at your place, try and seal the end and the front of them because mice being so tiny can quickly pave their way inside your home.

Holes- If you live in an old property, there might be a chance that there are some holes. You will have to make sure to fill up these holes, or else mice might just come in and infiltrate your home.

Food- Don’t leave food open outside because food is what attracts mice the most, and if they come in contact with the food, it will be contaminated, and you don’t know what disease might spread. Always cover your food and store them in metal or plastic containers. Keep in mind to clean your refrigerators and cupboards regularly. We provide best pest control services in King City.

At BBPP Control, we offer personalized strategies to deal with every kind of pests, in an eco-friendly way. Call us at 647-910-6315 or drop an email at to get a free consultation with us.

Our experienced professionals offer occasional visits to ensure that there are no repeated infestations after our work. We also provide home protection plans and residential and commercial services.