At BBPP we provide high quality pest control service to NewMarket using experienced pest control professionals and our services are lauded for 100% customer satisfaction. Our rodent exterminators are hardened professionals who with their expertise and experience can deal with all size of mice infestation without causing harm to your environment and home. Environment responsible programs are our repertoire as we are committed to protecting customer’ property and family.

Mouse control and removal solutions in NewMarket

Our services are intelligently designed to deal with mice problems and they include house mice, field mice and deer mice and rat species that infest North American homes. Mouse control and removal solutions by BBPP are woven according to the type of infestation you have in your home and they are executed with telling effect by our licensed Mice Control NewMarket professionals.

Mice Removal NewMarket

House mouse though small is capable of ruining your food stock, ruin your clothing, eat away cables and wires and leave gnaw marks on woodwork. They could also contaminate your home surfaces including kitchen and trigger infectious diseases like salmonellosis, rat-bite-fever and their droppings and feces can cause allergies among family members with respiratory problems. Your only way to prevent these from happening is to call our mouse control NewMarket and let them deal with the infestation.

Rat Removal NewMarket

Roof rats are capable of growing to length up to 16 inches and can cause large scale food contamination, structural damage, health hazard, structure invasion, and carrying viruses. They can climb walls, tree branches, cables, and upper part of homes with consummate ease and make it difficult for you to catch them. But our professional rat removal NewMarket professionals can snare them out of their nest and exterminate them with equal ease.

Rodent Removal NewMarket

The Rattus Norvegicus or Norway rat is another large species of mouse family which mostly inhabit forested and bushy areas. They could also infest your periphery, garden and outhouse and start damaging your property and eating away food stock. They averagely weigh 400 gms hence can be threatening to family members. Our rodent removal NewMarkt professional is well trained to deal with them and will use most effective rodent removal procedure to eliminate them from your property.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in NewMarket

BBPP is a licensed and insured pest control company that offer safe and reliable mice control and extermination. Our Mice Exterminator NewMarket is trained and certified to deal with mice population using environment responsible chemicals and procedures. We undertake all types of infestation irrespective of their size and provide most satisfactory results to our loyal customers. Our pest control technicians are fully insured and possess all required certification and license to perform pest control procedures.

If you have mice infestation in your home you can trust us to remove them from your premises as we have the expertise and experience. Besides dealing with rodents we also take care of household pests like bugs, roaches, ants, spiders, wasps and other such species. If you want our services you can contact us on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to to get a free quote.