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Wasps and hornets are dangerous to have around your homes. Their sting can be extremely painful and some of you may suffer from allergies. At BBPP we have effective Wasps removal Bradford solutions that are economically affordable. We deal with all types of wasps and hornets and we use only trained pest control professionals to eliminate them and their nests from both indoors and outdoors.

Wasps control and removal solutions in Bradford

 If you find wasps nest that looks like as it has been made of paper, then you can safely assume that you have paper wasp infestation at your home.  They make the nest using material made with plants and saliva. They are of multiple compartments and are uncovered. This umbrella looking nests can be seen hanging from overhands, under roof eaves and around doors. You need to be careful with them because they can sting you when you inadvertently go near their nest. Removing them is the best option and you should call BBPP at once to get it done.

Yellow Jacket Wasps Removal Bradford

Yellow jackets are the most spotted wasp species in North American homes and they earn their name with their black and yellow bands on their abdomen. It is a social wasp from Vespule genre with formidable stingers that they will use with devastating effect when disturbed. They are over aggressive in fall and confronting them could end with catastrophic results for you. We have the best Wasp nest removal Bradford and will remove them without disturbing you and your neighbors.

Hornets Removal Bradford

Hornets, the bald faced version of yellow jackets can grow up to 1.5-inches and the queen is the biggest in the entire colony. Hornets have six legs and two pairs of wings and can be identified by these characteristics. These are known to spit venom in to people’s eyes and cause temporary blindness. If your home is infested with hornets call our wasps removal Bradford before such accidents happen.

Mud Dauber & Solitary Wasps Removal Bradford

If you find typical rectangular mud nests in your ceilings, walls, eaves, and garage then you are infested with Mud Dauber wasps or solitary wasps. The queen wasp builds the nest using mud gathered from nearby where it lays a single egg. It will hunt and paralyze spiders so it can feed it young and store them in the nest. You will see a series of such mud nests appearing besides the first nest and that could spell trouble for you. Mud Daubers are not aggressive and they don’t care about their nest but can attack you if they feel that you are a threat. Before they spoil your walls and ceilings you should remove them using BBPP, the best wasp removal service near me in Bradford.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Bradford

BBPP offers safe and reliable extermination of wasps and hornets from your home and we only use the safest methods and chemicals to accomplish it. Our technicians are professionally trained and attired to carry out protected extermination of wasps and you can rely on their skills and procedures to remove wasps completely from your home premises.   

BBPP provides customer friendly wasp control to Bradford residents and it will be economical, safe and inconspicuous with your daily activities. Besides wasps we also provide pest control packages for bedbugs, rodents, spiders, ants, cockroaches, centipedes etc. Call us on 647-910-6315 or send email to and get a free quote for wasp removal.