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Canada’s sixth-most populous city, Mississauga is the largest suburb of Toronto. Spanning almost 280 square kilometers is home to 727,911 (approximately) people and sits to the west of Toronto.
The proximity of Mississauga to Toronto and Lake Ontario results in making it a very welcoming environment. Covered by rivers, lakes, and beautiful hills, Mississauga acts as an attraction for mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, and also bed bugs. And with the summers so short here, you would want to spend it enjoying with your family and preferably not be concerned about pests. We provides the best pest control services in Mississauga. 

Bed bugs infestation:

Bed bugs are blood feeders and can hence, transmit diseases. Although the bites aren’t painful, whereas prolonged bites can cause skin discomfort, allergies, and even possibly eczema.
Once discovered, you need immediate action to deal with the infestation.
Bed bugs may be a bit difficult to identify as the reaction differs from person to person, although they have a usual pattern of biting. They tend to follow the veins on your body, close to the blood vessels.

They can be eradicated using home remedies or do it yourself (DIY) procedures. But even then there is a 99% possibility that they will come back.

Notice a bed bug problem? Call us today! We provides the best pest control services in Mississauga. 

Mice infestation:

Mississaugans regularly have to deal with mice infestation. Treating them with poison or traps will not be useful as well as can be harmful if you have kids.

They tend to chew up wiring, walls, and furniture and take refuge inside houses mainly via vents and open holes. Known for transmitting diseases, they can also cause severe allergies.

To prevent mice infestation, you can try to take some steps at home.

– Firstly, cover up open holes if there are any, as mice being tiny in size squeeze themselves in.
– Secondly, put barriers on the opening and closing of vents at your residence.
– Thirdly, if you are facing the slightest hint of mice infestation, try and keep the food covered and stored in containers.
– Mice are attracted mainly by food, and your home serves as a perfect place for their food and shelter.

Reach out for professional help to ensure a pest-free and hazard-free environment.
Talk to us about your pest infestation worries in Mississauga!

At BBPP Control, we ensure your home remains bug and pest free. All of our products and measures are eco-friendly. They not only protect the nature around you but also keep you safe as well.

Your home is your safe space, and you or your family members don’t want to face sanitary or hazardous health conditions. Therefore BBPP Control is here for your service. We provide customized service for dealing with different types of pests and also ensure that there will be no future outbreaks.

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