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BBPP is solid pest control solution provider to Barrie and we are specialized in wasp removal solutions that are individual need based. Wasps may look innocent but they are deadly stingers when provoked and may sting you or your family members accidentally. Irrespective of them being eco-friends it is crucial for your family health that you remove them from your premises. We will help get rid of wasps and hornets nesting in your home and we will remove them using utmost safety measures.

Wasps control and removal solutions in Barrie

Paper wasps and yellow jackets are the two most common wasps found in households. Known for their aggressive nature, yellow jackets pose most danger. Paper wasp is less aggressive nonetheless will attack if it is threatened. Our wasps removal Barrie knowing their characteristics well will use specific extermination methods to remove them and their nests from your walls, eaves of roofs, decking as well shrubs and grounds.

Yellow Jacket Wasps Removal Barrie

Yellow jacket is a predatory social wasp which becomes more aggressive during fall. It could be dangerous because the wasp can repeatedly sting people unlike bees that bite only one time.  The sting has inflammatory substances and will cause extreme pain and allergies. Removing their nests is the only way that can save you from this predicament and will need our expert Wasp nest removal Barrie to do it.

Hornets Removal Barrie

Hornets are close cousins to Yellow Jackets and will attack you if they feel you are a threat to their nest. Their sting can be painful and they are known to squirt venom in to people’s eyes to cause temporary blindness. Their presence at your home can jeopardize family well being and only immediate removal of their nests can remedy the situations. BBPP will send the best wasps control Barrie technician to eliminate their nests from your interior and exterior and restore much needed respite from them.

Mud Dauber & Solitary Wasps Removal Barrie

Mud Dauber wasp is the one that builds its nest with mud and you will find them on your walls, eaves and corners and their nests are characteristically rectangular. These are generally docile wasps and rarely attack but can spoil the beauty of your home with their nest building traits. They can still sting under threat and cause pain and allergy, only our expert wasp nest removal Barrie can get rid of them and let you live in peace. Most wasp species are solitary wasps and spend most of their time building their nests in safe places of your home. They are a threat to people working in lawns and gardens and you will have to exterminate them to if you want your safety.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Barrie

Wasps removal can be messy affairs if handled improperly. When infested with wasps you are better off by calling expert services like us as we are the most effective wasp removal service near me in Barrie with our safe and reliable extermination procedures. We will approach our wasp removal tasks with utmost caution and only use safety measures that are environmentally approved. Our extermination procedures are supported by environment safe chemicals hence will prevent any harm to family members and pets.

BBPP offers affordable wasps removal to Barrie and other towns nearby. Our wasp exterminations are harmless to human but effectively eliminate wasps and hornets from your homes. We also provide pest control for rodents, bugs, spiders, cockroaches, and other wasps and you can expect them to be economical and eco-friendly. Call our number 647-910-6315 or send email to and we will give you a free quote.