BBPP offers comprehensive pest control solutions to North York and nearby towns and we use most effective rodent control methods to eliminate them from your homes. All our rodent control solutions are exclusively planned to suit individual home needs and are executed by certified mice control technicians using latest equipment and environment friendly rodenticides. We also provide budget friendly mice control North York which is not matched by our rival services.

Mouse control and extermination solutions in North York

House mice are the mostly commonly found rodent in Canada and they could make life difficult for you with their night time activities and eating habits. They will eat everything that come across and inflict large scale damage to your property when they grow in colonies. They are also difficult to locate because of their ability to run fast and hide in to the tiniest crevice in your wall, foundation, basement, attic and other cluttered areas. Our mouse control and removal solutions are based on their life habits hence are able to control and exterminate them using the right methods.

Mice Removal North York

Field mice and deer mice are the two other mice species that can be found in your exterior space like garden, agricultural fields, barns and outhouses. They will build nests there and damage everything including crop, garden plans, grass and whatever you have stored in the outbuildings. The mice will also venture in to your kitchen when they smell food and contaminate kitchen surfaces and stored food items. Their saliva, droppings and urine are dangerous contaminants capable of causing food poisoning and other contagious diseases related to mice infestation. Our Mice removal North York will ensure that these mice don’t make your home their permanent shelter.

Rat Removal North York

Sight of rats like Norway rats and Roof rats can make you sick because they are dirty, ugly and intimidating in size and can bring in deadly diseases like Hantavirus in to your home. They can damage your property and destroy food storage and may prove extremely hard to remove for you. But our rat removal North York is up to the task as it is adequately equipped with the right procedures and equipment.  

Rodent Removal North York

Rodents are extremely dangerous to have in your home because of their ability to destroy food and property and bring contagious diseases like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome brought by deer mouse, rat-bite fever, jaundice cowpox virus, trichinosis and Salmonellosis (food poisoning) by others. They carry parasites on their bodies which bring the viruses in to your homes and it is vital for your well being that they are eradicated at once. Our rodent removal North York is geared to tackle all types of mice and rats and will exterminate them using habitat friendly rodenticides.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in North York

At BBPP we pay greater attention to customer well being and accordingly plan our mice extermination. Our mice exterminator North York will observe the safest protocols while engaging in pest control and will wear relevant safety gear and use environment safe chemicals to deal with rats and mice. Our exterminators are trained and certified so you can expect safe and reliable mice removal from them.

BBPP provides professional rodent removal services to North York and other areas nearby and only use the best pest control practices that are designed to deal with them in the safest manner. Our services are budget friendly and our affordable pest control packages are also extended to wasps, bugs, roaches, ants, and spiders etc. Contact us on phone 647-910-6315 or send mail to and we will give you a free quote.