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We are specialized pest control services with tons of experience in eliminating rodents, mice, rat, bedbugs, wasps, hornets and other such species from households and their periphery. BBPP, the most effective pest control Aurora is synonymously known for its highly reliable pest control services in Aurora and other neighborhoods and the methods and pesticides we use to remove pests are absolutely safe for the environment and the inhabitants.

Experienced Pest Exterminators in Aurora

Pests like rat, mice, and wasps can be dangerous to be inside home premises as they will not only deal material damage but also injury to the occupants. Pests like wasps can deal you with extremely painful stings while the rats and mice eat away food and contaminate them to cause illness. We are most experienced pest exterminators in Aurora and we use result oriented baits and pesticides to exterminate them and remove them from your premises.

Wasp Removal Aurora

Removal of wasps from your indoors and outdoors is crucial for your safety. They could build nests on the ceiling or a tree outside your home and attack you when you least expect them to do so.  We have in our team most experienced wasp removal technicians who will terminate them from your vicinity using safest extermination methods. We remove wasp nests from roofs, crevices, bushes, decks, and other places of your home without causing any alarm or damage to the household.

Mice Removal Aurora

Mice presence in your home means extensive destruction of food and other items and immeasurable bother to members of a household.  Mice are destructive with their nibbling and chewing and could cut wires and cause fires, while tearing off food bags and eating and contaminating them. No DIY methods could remove them from your household, but we the best pest exterminators in Aurora know where to find them and remove them with our eco-friendly mice removal procedures.

Rat Removal Aurora

Rats with their scurrying and screeching could spoil your sleep while they eat away food items and leave them contaminated. They could also bring in highly contagious diseases like Plague if not checked early. BBPP has devised several effective rat removal methods that we use with devastating effect to remove them and also ensure that they are not coming back any sooner. We also counsel residents on how to locate rat entry points and seal them for good.

Rodent Exterminators Aurora

If you detect the presence rodents in your premises, using DIY method to remove them will prove ineffective. What you need is our expertise of Pest Control Aurora and a team that understands the trait and behavior of rodents like rats and mice and accordingly traps them and exterminates them. We produce quick results with our unfailing rodent extermination methods but only use environment friendly pesticide to make them work.

Cockroaches Removal Aurora

Cockroaches are sneaky and can be deadly disease carriers. They could cause gastronomical diseases like dysentery and diarrhea while go to the extent of causing lethal typhoid fever in family members. They are impossible to remove with novice attempts, but our Cockroaches removal Aurora team use scientific methods to exterminate them and use pesticides that are safe to use in homes. It is always advised that you remove cockroach at the first instance because they will grow in numbers in no time.

We are the best pest exterminators in Aurora and our pest removal services are highly appreciated in Aurora and other neighborhoods of Toronto. Besides the above we also offer pest removal services for spiders, centipede, silverfish, fleas, bedbugs and ants. Call the number 647-910-6315 or send mail to to engage our services. We also offer pest control services to industrial and commercial units in Aurora.