Are you pestered by mice at home and is in a dilemma on how to remove them? We, BBPP the most efficient Mice control Whitby and for nearby areas will remove them without creating a fuss. Mice are too dangerous to prolong in your home as they are capable of spreading deadly diseases among family members besides destroying your assets and food storage. We only use trained pest control technicians to exterminate them and you can expect our services to be thoroughly professional and result oriented. 

Mouse control and removal solutions in Whitby

We offer the most affordable mouse control Whitby and we ensure that they are comprehensively removed from your premises. Your innocent looking House Mouse can be a deadly nemesis because it carries the fatal Hantavirus.   This disease is passed on to human through handling them physically or coming in contact with their feces, urine and saliva. We will ensure that no such eventualities happen in your home by removing the infestation using experienced mouse exterminators.

Mice Removal Whitby

There are thousands of mice species found in the world but in Canada most homes are infested by House Mouse, Deer Mouse and Norwegian rats. These innocuous looking mice can cause Hantavirus through dried up particles inhaled from the dust mixed with mice dropping, urine and Saliva. You can also come in contact with the disease by directly handling them. This can happen when you vacuum dry home or eat food items contaminated by mice droppings. We use effective mice removal methods which are environmentally safe and our technicians carry out the task without disturbing family members.

Rat Removal Whitby

Norway rat which is also known by the names of brown rat, sewer rat, Norwegian rat, wharf rat and water rat could be found in your homes and surroundings. These rat species can be deadly because they can cause rat-bite-fever and they live in huge colonies in your sewer lines and are quite capable of making in to your home by climbing your pipe network. They being larger in size can be aggressive and can bite if cornered. They also eat copious amount of food and waste them and contaminate them. Our rat removal Whitby is complete as our technicians are well versed with rat behavior and accordingly trap them and exterminate them.

Rodent Removal Whitby

Rodents are unwanted guests in your homes that make their way in to your rooms using the various entry points such as holes and crevices on walls, basement, foundation, trees nearby and pipe network. Rodent like field mice and roof rats can live in your house for long periods without you being aware of it. They are stealthy and filthy and are too cunning to be caught by hands when they are greater in numbers. Our Rodent removal Whitby will remove them totally and render you home clean and infection free.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Whitby

Mice extermination can be dangerous if handled by the inexperienced. Mice extermination requires the proper equipment, rodenticide, protective clothing and the right procedure to execute. Our mice exterminator Whitby will be properly attired and equipped and equipped with the knowledge of rodenticide and how to use them without harming environment. It will be a safe and reliable extermination and the tips provided by them will enable you to prevent further mice entry in to your home in future.

We at BBPP, offers the best rodent extermination services and also offer to remove pest infestations such as bedbugs, ants, spiders, cockroaches etc. We offer affordable rodent removal packages in Whitby and other nearby towns and they are individual based and conclusive. You can contact us on phone number 647-910-6315 or by email to info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote for our service.