Best Bug and pest protection Inc, is a comprehensive pest control solution and we provide an array of pest and rodent control services to Brampton communities that are low cost but highly effective procedures. We employ the best mice control Brampton technicians to accomplish mice and rats removal and use only environment friendly rodenticides to eliminate them.

Mouse control and removal solutions in Brampton

We are well aware what our clients expect in Brampton and accordingly plan our mouse control and removal solutions. It is not one fix for all ailments, but well calculated and need specified mouse removal programs designed to meet individual budgets. Mice can be persistent headache and highly destructive and our mice control deal with them professionally and remove them from homes comprehensively.

Mice Removal Brampton

Your homes could be infested with rats and mice and the House Mice is the most spotted and most destructive of them in a household. Exterminating them is crucial to the well being of your food stock and health not to mention serious damage to property. We are well aware of what these rodents can do and accordingly plan our mouse control Brampton strategies to come up with complete removal of their presence from your home.

Rat Removal Brampton

Norway Rats are other rat species that can cause extensive destruction of property and food material. It is one of the heavier rats that can eat into your furniture, home structure, and other household items with impunity. Their presence in your homes can contaminate food and surfaces resulting in rat fever, jaundice, cowpox virus, salmonellosis and trichinosis. They could be scary with their size, weighing as much as half a kilo, and difficult to deal with. Our Rat removal Brampton employ special extermination strategies for them and our technicians are well trained to use them with great effect and eliminate them completely.

Rodent Removal Brampton

Roof Rats can be huge bother to your family because they take refuge in the upper part of your house and start damaging the woodwork, drywall, beams and insulations with constant gnawing. Letting them go on may result in huge structural damage and they will also foray in to your kitchen and contaminate your surfaces and eat and spill food materials. Field Mice is another equally destructive rodent which will lurk in your backyard, outer shed and deck and damage items stored in barns, attics, outhouses and plants of your garden.  They will also venture in to your homes and damage wiring, insulation and plastic items. Rodent removal Brampton has comprehensive rodent extermination programs that are result oriented and cost effective.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Brampton                                   

We aim to provide mice extermination that is reliable and safe. You can expect us to observe utmost caution while carrying out the extermination process and completely avoid using dangerous chemicals that could cause damage environment. Our Mice Exterminator Brampton is a trained and experienced pest control technician who can exterminate rodents using eco-friendly elimination methods with utmost safety. Our services are reliable because we ensure thorough elimination of mice from your home. Our mice extermination services are eco-friendly and effective and we charge less than any other services operating nearby. Our services also extend to other pests like wasps, bedbugs, cockroach, fleas etc. If you have mice infestation, call BBPP on phone number 647-910-6315 or send email to for free rodent inspection of your premises.