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BBPP has been serving Thornhill residents with its quality pest control services for the last many years and have been highly effective in controlling and exterminating wasps from their homes. Wasps’ infestation of homes is a danger lurking in the corner ready to pounce on you, so it is critical that you remove them immediately and call our services to get rid of them. Our wasp control services are environmentally safe and are carried out by trained professionals.

Wasps control and removal solutions in Thornhill

Do you know paper wasps can live less than a year and some species only a few months? But they can wreak havoc with your peace within the small span of life, if they are rubbed on the wrong way. Paper wasps are naturally aggressive and will attack you whether you provoke them or not. You need no less expertise than our wasps removal Thornhill to eradicate them from your homes as novice attempts will end in disaster.

Yellow Jacket Wasps Removal Thornhill

Another wasp fact is that the yellow jacket colony can accommodate up to 4,000 workers and their nest will be as big as a football.  It is a dreadful feeling to have yellow jackets around because they are fierce and sting at sight. This is a dangerous situation for family members and pets so removing them by wasp removal technicians is necessary. For you our wasp nest removal Thornhill is the best as we have most experienced wasp exterminators in our employment. Removing such big nest could prove dangerous for you but for our exterminators it will be another task well accomplished.

Hornets Removal Thornhill

The European hornets are bigger in size than other wasp types and dissimilar to wasps characteristics they fly at night. The Queen is the largest wasp and takes the responsibility of reproducing. The female works that guard the nest and gather food are fiercely loyal to queen wasp. They are up to 1-5 inches in length and are with black and white marking.  They will also eat insects, bees, even yellow jackets, and usually hunt in groups during nights. Coming across one of the groups during night stroll outside can spell danger for you or your family members so get rid of their nest at once using our wasps control Thornhill at once.

Mud Dauber & Solitary Wasps Removal Thornhill

You can identify mud dauber with its true wasp’s waist and yellow and black color with a size of about 1-inch. These are solitary wasps and take refuge in protected areas of your home, eave, walls, ceilings and corners. They will build nests with mud gathered from outside and make pipe-like or rectangular piece of nests. The blue mud wasp reuses the nest built by Mud Dauber wasp. Though they are not as aggressive as paper wasps or yellow jacket they can make a mess of your space with their mud nests. Removing them will restore the decorum of your home but must use expert wasp removal service near me in Thornhill such as ours.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Thornhill

We are technically superior wasp control service and our wasps and hornets removal are absolutely safe and reliable with our experienced exterminators. BBPP is a licensed pest control company which employs only trained and certified pest control technicians. We are permitted to operate in your area and our employees are insured against injury and accidents. The procedures we use to remove wasps from your homes are environmentally safe and harmless to you and your pets.

Our wasps control services are individual requirement based hence are economical and affordable for all budgets. BBPP also provides pest control for bugs, cockroaches, spiders, ants and rodents etc. Call our pest control services on phone number 647-910-6315 or via and get a free quote.