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Wasps are known to be gardener’ friend because it cleans up all air-borne parasites that fester plants and flowers and destroy them. But wasps can be your enemy with a bad reputation because some of these species may sting you without reason. It is inevitable that you must remove them from your vicinity and we, BBPP could be your dedicated wasps removal Scarborough. We know wasp traits and facts so we can easily identify the types and chalk out plans to remove them thus prevent injury to anyone in your home and in the neighborhood.

Wasps control and removal solutions in Scarborough

Paper wasps are social wasps and so is the yellow jacket with its distinct black and yellow strip on its body. Being social they will be always within your vicinity and build their paper nests on walls, room corners, eves, overhangs, ceiling, beams and other protected spaces in your house. In late summer when they stop breeding they go for sugary foods and attack people who respond to them aggressively like swatting at them. Their bits or stings can be extremely painful and sometimes people may suffer from life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Do not let this happen to your family and call our capable wasps control Scarborough and our trained wasp exterminator will ensure they are completely removed from your home.

Yellow Jacket Wasps Removal Scarborough

Each year wasps and hornets send some 500, 000 people to the emergency medical facilities. Yellow Jacket in particular is aggressive and will repeatedly attack you if it feels threatened. Their papery nests will contain hundreds of yellow jackets and their attack as a colony could end with dire consequences. If you find yellow jackets in your home indoors or outdoors do not attempt to remove their nest on your own instead call our expert wasp nest removal Scarborough and we will remove them harmlessly from your home.  

Hornets Removal Scarborough

Hornets are bald faced and they mostly feed on nectar and fruit juices. If you have a garden you will find fruits damaged by them with a wasp still clinging on to the fruit flesh. These are vengeful characters that could repeatedly sting and cause allergies and pain that can last for more than 24 hours besides swelling and redness on the body.  Do not invade its space without proper gear or knowledge, and call BBPP the most experienced Wasps control Scarborough so it is done properly.

Mud Dauber & Solitary Wasps Removal Scarborough

Mud nests of wasps can be found over your home surfaces and they are the handiwork of Mud Dauber and Solitary Wasps. These are not known for the aggressive posture of yellow jackets or paper wasps but can be belligerent when you attempt to remove their nest from the walls or ceilings.   It will be a nuisance for you as you could end up with floor full of dead spiders collected by the mud daubers. Call the expertise of BBPP, the most comprehensive wasp removal service near me in Scarborough to eradicate them from your home using safe methods.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Scarborough

Safe wasp removal is important for the safety of you and your loved ones and we provide safe and reliable extermination services for wasps and hornets. We are licensed and our technicians are trained and certified to take up wasp removal assignments. We only use environment safe chemicals to remove wasps and our technicians are always equipped with the right protective clothing and procedures.

BBPP has been in the services of Canadian homes including Scarborough by providing affordable pest control packages for wasps and hornets. We also provide pest control for ants, bugs, cockroaches, spiders, rats and mice that environment friendly. If you want our services you can call us on 647-910-6315 or via