We at BBPP have affordable mice control solutions that are specifically suitable for Scarborough homes. Our experience in the field of pest control and the in-depth knowledge of rodents that routinely infest   Canadian homes enable us to come up with comprehensive rats and mice removal solutions. We employ well trained and certified pest control technicians to carry out mice extermination tasks and you will find them affable and courteous when they come to your home for rodent removal.

Mouse control and extermination solutions in Scarborough

We provide the best mouse control and removal solutions to Scarborough residents and they are resident-safe and affordable. We are able to conduct thorough mouse removal from your premises because we know exactly where to look for them. We use only approved chemicals that are eco-friendly and outfit our exterminators with the latest pest control equipment and procedures.  Whether it is house mice or Norway rats our mice control Scarborough exterminators are familiar with them and their behavior thus able to remove them from your household with ease.

Mice Removal Scarborough

Your home may be infested by Deer Mice that by nature like to live near human. They also love to eat your food and gnaw through your furniture leaving your home in tatters. You need special knowledge and procedures to exterminate them and our Mouse Control Scarborough only employ exterminators that have that special knowledge and the knowhow.

Rat Removal Scarborough

If you find large sized rats in your home they may be Norway rats or roof rats that infest home by invading through basement, foundation and roof. Their presence in your outbuilding can cause extensive material damage not to mention food wastage and contamination. These rodents also bring in infectious Hantavirus and others in to your home and spread diseases and allergies among family members. It is necessary to uproot them from your household before it becomes late. Our rat removal Scarborough is best equipped to eliminate them without causing a mess or side effects.

Rodent Removal Scarborough

Rodent infestation can bring many things in to your home that are truly undesirable. Rats and mice besides destroying and contaminating food materials also leave your surface with their urine and feces which can produce unpleasant smell throughout your home. They will infect your wardrobe, sofa, furniture, carpet and other fabrics with their smell and make then unfit for use. Our rodent removal Scarborough familiar with this trait will exterminate rodents with appropriate procedures.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Scarborough

Our Mice Exterminator Scarborough will use safe methods to remove rats and mice from your homes and you can bank up their skills and experience to provide you with reliable rodent removal. The rodenticides we use to exterminate rats are safe for deploying in domestic environment as they have been proved environmentally safe.   Our exterminators are certified pest control technicians and are fully insured.

If you are looking for rat or mice removal in Scarborough you don’t have to look beyond BBPP as we offer environmentally safe and economically affordable rodent control services. We also offer to remove others pests like wasps, bugs, cockroaches, spiders, and ants etc to Scarborough and nearby towns at equally affordable rates. Call our services on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to if you want pest control.