BBPP is a reputed pest control company in the GTA and we are specialized in exterminating all kinds of rodent population with highly effective extermination procedures that are absolutely eco-friendly. We know every type of rats and mice that occupy the homes in Canada and accordingly plan our mice control strategies. We produce high percentage of mice removal and our exterminators are trained and experienced to deal with rodents efficiently.


Mouse control and removal solutions in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Spotting and identifying the mice is of utmost importance and it is the key to our in Mice Control Greater Toronto Area (GTA). For example House Mice are distinctly identifiable with its slender frame and measuring just 1-2 inches. Large ears, little eyes and pointed nose are other characteristics that point out to the mouse. Our mouse control and removal solutions are framed by properly identifying the mice type. 

Mice Removal Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

If it is Field Mice that is infesting your home surround you can easily identify them with their stout body and coarse brown hair with white underbelly. Understanding the mice type greatly helps in comprehensive Mouse Control Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and it is the first step we take before we mount our mice removal strategies.

Rat Removal Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Rodents like Norway rat and Roof Rat are identifiable by the distinct body features. Norway rat with its heavy and long body, measuring as much as 7-9.5 inches is easily recognized and the Roof Rat with its 6-8 inch body and equally long tail is an easily identifiable rodent.  These rats are capable of bringing dangerous infections into your homes and employing our Rat removal Greater Toronto Area (GTA) strategy will remove them effectively from your premises.

Rodent Removal Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

The Deer mouse is another of the rodent species that can cause large scale damage to crops and outside sheds and homes. This mice variety is easily identifiable with its while legs and white underbelly and it is measured about 6-8 inches in length. These mostly outdoor mice could also venture into your homes if they don’t find food outside and that will be catastrophic. Our Rodent removal Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is quite capable of removing its presence from your outdoors as we have special strategies worked out for the task.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

One of the biggest concerns of mice extermination is the aftermath of the exercise and the apprehension that the procedures and rodenticides used could harm family members and pets. In this regard we have excellent record for safe and reliable extermination of mice in the GTA. We use only environment friendly chemicals or rodenticides and maintain safety of the occupants in our mind all the time during their deployment. You can trust our exterminators to come equipped with all the safety measures and not involve you in the procedures by keeping you away.

BBPP has no peer when it comes to mice control as we have the best Mice Exterminator Greater Toronto Area (GTA) team to deal with the marauding pests. All our extermination methods are harmless to human and we also deal with other pests like bed bugs, roaches, ants, spiders etc. You can use our phone number 647-910-6315 or send email to to engage our affordable rodent control services.