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Newmarket is a town of 84,000 people in the center of the Region of York in Ontario. It is halfway between Toronto and Barrie along Highway 11/Yonge Street. This town is the regional seat of the Regional Municipality of York in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is part of Greater Toronto in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario and we provides the best pest control services in Newmarket.
Surrounded by country area, this town is the perfect breeding place for pests like box elder bugs, spiders, cluster flies, and also wasps. Moreover, if gone through surveys and reports of 

New Market, you can see that the people over here are suffering from significant wildlife infestation by mice. If you are one of them, you don’t have to worry. Our experts at BBPP Control can help you. We use advanced equipment that ensures a hundred percent successful and permanent removal of the infestation.

Should you look for DIY methods for pest removal in your Newmarket home?

Sure, there are many do it yourself (DIY’s) or home remedies available all over the internet. These can provide solutions, but for a short period and almost 99 out of 100 times, these pests seem to return and breed again. All you need is professional help – and that’s where the Bed Bugs and Pest Protection Inc. steps in.

Remember, pests can cause harm to your health while some can harm your infrastructure.

You will have to keep a check on all of the places in your residence that have moisture.

  • Storerooms,
  • Cupboards,
  • Kitchens

All of these places act as shelters for these pests.
The most common pest infestation reports in New Market are of rats and mice. If you detect any infestation by mice or rats at your place, call for professional help right away because they can lead to several health risks and can be very difficult to eradicate as well.

Rats and mice majorly come from small holes or any openings inside the house. It can be vents, tunnels, and also the roof. You will have to keep a check on all of these places and close any openings as mice can transmit dangerous diseases. We provides the best pest control services in Newmarket.

At BBPP Control, we provide personalized treatments for types of pests, be it termites, cockroaches, or even wasps.
We also use eco-friendly products and pieces of equipment that are effective as well as protect nature and you too. Call us at 647-910-6315 or email us at to get a free consultation with our professionals. We guarantee you a hundred percent result.