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We, Best Bugs and Pest Protection, Inc operating in Newmarket offer most affordable pest control services to homes and related spaces. Our Pest Control Newmarket is utterly professional and we only use approved standards for exterminating pests from home premises. Our pest control team is highly trained and experienced and they use only the best equipment and techniques to remove pests from the most inaccessible places of a home and surrounds. 

Experienced Pest Exterminators in NewMarket

Homes are subjected to pests’ invasion when outside climates get colder. Rats, mice and other pests make into your backyard, attic, barns and home interiors and make the spaces their home. They will tear food packets, spill grains and contaminate them beyond consumption. You cannot allow this to happen to your household so call our professional pest extermination services to get rid of them.  We have environmentally safe extermination methods that we use with great effect to get satisfactory pest removal.  

Wasp Removal NewMarket

Wasp infestation of homes can create atmosphere of fear and anxiety, as they are capable of attacking family members at unexpected moments. Wasp stings can be painful and can cause allergies that can be extreme sometime. Removing wasps’ nests form your ceilings, walls, barns and trees, is the only way you can get rid of them and at BBPP we have the best pest exterminators in NewMarket that will do the job thoroughly for you while observing utmost safety.

Mice Removal NewMarket

Mice is another destructive rodent which can convert homes into ruins by their non-stop nibbling and  chewing at food items, clothes, insulations, wire and other soft items. Your DIY methods cannot remove them completely as they will sink deep into crevices and walls and make extraction extremely difficult. We, offer safe and effective removal of mice from your NewMarket homes at easily affordable prices and you can expect the job to be conclusively professional.

Rat Removal NewMarket

Tranquility of your homes can be shattered by the presence of rats as they are deadly pests that can destroy assets and spread diseases among family members. They are extremely difficult to dislodge from their burrows and nests but at BBPP we have highly capable pest exterminators in NewMarket who will lure them out with both traps and baits and finally exterminate them using the safest extermination methods.

Rodent Removal NewMarket

Among the many types of rodents, rats and mice wreak maximum havoc in human life and you could be one of the victims suffering from their antics. You need our professional rodent removal team to drive them out of your home premises because they are extremely hard to catch with home remedial measures.  Our Pest Control NewMarket is replete with effective rodent termination ideas that we use with telling effect and we use only approved rodenticides for the purpose.

Silverfish Exterminators NewMarket

Silver fish are shiny little insects with tear shaped body and bristles in the rear and they can be found in moist and damp places at your home. They thrive at home conditions and can eat your books, clothes, wallpapers, any food with carbohydrates, shampoo, silk, linen and dead insects, which means they will ruin your homes. It could get tricky if you try to remove them from your household because it will need the professional expertise of BBPP that offer safe and sound removal.

Besides providing the best Pest Control NewMarket for homes, we also offer environmentally sustainable pest control measures for commercial and industrial units. Our area of pest control expertise is also extended to the removal of bedbugs, roaches, spiders, ants, fruit flies, millipedes and others. We provide affordable and environment friendly pest treatment to households around here and you can call our number 647-910-6315 or send mail to to engage us.