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BBPP reigns supreme when it comes to absolute pest control Barrie and exterminating pests using environment friendly procedures. Our pest control services are comprehensive and affordable for all economy. We employ only the best pest exterminators who are trained and experienced and have the persistence to tackle all kinds of pest induced issues.  We use the latest pest control techniques and equipment to keep your homes free of pillaging pests and rodents and we carry out our pest control tasks in the most professional and time bound manner.

Experienced Pest Exterminators in Barrie

Pests like rats and mice can be highly destructive with their food cravings and will invade your kitchen, storage and other life spaces to get it. They will stop at nothing and continue nibbling and chewing food, wiring, and insulation and in the process leave your home in tatters. If you have wasps within your periphery it is very likely that you will get stung by them unexpectedly and you cannot do anything on your own to stop them. But our experienced pest exterminators in Barrie can stop them and exterminate them safely.

Rodent Exterminators Barrie

For untrained skills, removing rodents form home could prove an uphill task. But for us, the best pest control Barrie it is a routine job that we do with utmost efficiency and dedication. Rodents like mice and rats can cause intolerable headache for residents as they set about nibbling, chewing and mincing every article that comes their way. But our experience with rodents makes us knowledgeable and superior and we use these characteristics extensively to hunt them out of their hiding places and exterminate them.

Mice Removal Barrie

Mice if allowed could ruin your car engine and make your garage the most unpleasant area in your house with their droppings and urine. Mice have the tendency to build nests under the confinement of car hoods and that is a dangerous sign of harm coming to your car engine’s way. We have the best mice exterminators in Barrie who are equipped with the latest pest control technology, technique and rodenticides for removing them from your car engine.

Rat Removal Barrie

We have highly trained rat removal technicians who have vast experience of dealing with all kinds of rats. Rats can be devastating when they get in to your household and nothing less than complete removal of them can stop the pillage they indulge with your food stock. We use rodenticides that are approved by agencies to rout them from your home and we assure that it will be done quietly and without harm to your loved ones and pets.

Wasp Removal Barrie

Wasps take refuge in homes when they decide to build a nest which is protected and they will occupy rafters, windows, under eaves, under decks, door frames, railings and trees to achieve that. They are territorial and can attack when they feel threatened which make them highly dangerous. Family members cannot be safe when there are wasps around and our wasp removal services by professional pest exterminators in Barrie will ensure that your above home spaces are absolutely free of them.

Spiders Exterminators Barrie

You may need medical assistance with a spider bite if the spider happens to be the poisonous variety. You could experience extreme pain and difficulty in breathing but all these will not happen if you banish spiders from your home premises using our result oriented spider removal service. We have the equipment, chemicals and trained spider exterminators necessary to remove spiders professionally.

We have most experienced pest exterminators Barrie to take up any size of pest removal in Barrie.  Our services are result oriented and affordable to all budgets. Besides the above we also remove pests like bedbugs, fruit flies, centipedes, silverfish and ants with equal efficiency. Our services are also extended to commercial and factory units in and around Barrie. Call the number 647-910-6315 to avail our services or send mail to with your requirement and we will provide you with a quote.