BBPP, the best pest control Service in Stouffville is at your service when you see telltale signs of mice presence in your home. Our pest control services are impeccable in execution and certain to produce conclusive results. We use trained pest control technicians who have vast knowledge of rodents and what they could do to your homes. They are also trained in the latest pest control equipment and how to effectively deploy them to attain best mice and rat removal from your homes. We only use house safety pest control measures that are approved and without any side effects.

Mouse control and removal solutions in Stouffville

House mice is the primary culprit when infestations take place in Stouffville homes and that can be confirmed by the sighting of tiny creatures with a slender body, pointed nose, 2 inches long and weighing about half or one oz. They are easy to spot as their tail is the same size of their body and head combined. When you identify them call our Mice Control Stouffville immediately because not stopping them at initial stages would evolve into big infestation.

Mice Removal Stouffville

Mice like Field Mice & Deer Mice are other species that can be found in your Stouffville homes and you can easily detect them in your backyard, outhouse, garden and foundation. These can be detected by burrows and holes dug in your garden, grass and foundation. Pungent mice odor present in outhouses and droppings are other signs that will tell you, those mice infestation is taking place in your home. Call our specialized Mouse Control Stouffville services to control and exterminate them immediately.

Rat Removal Stouffville

If you see gnaw marks on your woodwork, furniture, and structure you may safely assume that your home infested by rats such as Norway Rats or Roof Rats. You could also confirm them by their heavy body, blunt muzzle and measurement of 7-91/2 inches in length. These are agile creatures that will run extremely fast and climb and jump to escape capture. You will need expert mice exterminators from our Rat Removal Stouffville to contain and eliminate them.

Rodent Removal Stouffville

Rodents like rats and mice can create numerous problems including disease among family members when the take root in your premises. It is necessary for you and your family members’ well being that you remove them immediately from your homes. At BBPP we provide total rodent control that is carried out by experienced rodent removal Stouffville staff who will exterminate them using safest pest control procedures.

Safe and Reliable Extermination in Stouffville

One of the main concerns of Stouffville residents is the safety of pest control services that come to exterminate rats and mice from their homes. You do not need to have such concerns with us because we offer safe and reliable rodent removal replete with experienced mice exterminators and resident safe rodenticides.  Our Mice Exterminator Stouffville will observe all safety measures pertaining to protective gear, equipment and the deployment method.

BBPP is among the best pest control services in Stouffville and around and all our rodent control procedures are approved and safe for deployment. We use experienced staff that are certified and insured. We will also take care of pests like bugs, wasps, cockroaches, ants, spiders, moths etc with our special pest control packages that are easily affordable. call our services on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to to get a free quote.