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BBPP erects an iron curtain between you and the unruly pests that come in hordes to haunt you day in and day out. Pests like rat, mice, bedbugs and roaches can make life miserable for you at your household but we the best pest control Thornhill with our latest extermination methods will remove them from your property and let you enjoy a life where you don’t find a trace of them. Our services are easily affordable while being safe and environment friendly.

Experienced Pest Exterminators in Thornhill

We are the most experienced pest exterminators in Thornhill and we never let our customers down when they are harassed by harmful pests like rats, mice, cockroach, bedbugs, wasps, flies, and spiders. These pests could be highly destructive while being harmful but with us they don’t stand a chance as we use the most sophisticated pest removal methods and we also employ most experienced pest exterminators from our team to remove them from your property.

Wasp Removal Thornhill

Wasps can be deadly with their stings, and may cause grievous allergies when they strike you without warning. Letting wasps build their nest in your periphery could prove to be dangerous so it is necessary that you remove them immediately. Attempting to remove them on your own could prove disastrous but our pest control Thornhill will accomplish the task using the latest wasp removal methods and technology that are safe and without causing inconvenience to the customer household.

Mice Removal Thornhill 

Mice can destroy your home. This may sound melodramatic, but actually they can. They can chew electric wires and insulations when they build nest in your attic and walls and in the process trigger off short circuits resulting in to major fire.  We at BBPP Inc use most advanced mice extermination procedures to remove them from most inaccessible places to save you from the probability. Besides wires, they also cut through books, clothes, sofa, wood and plastic without reservation.

Rat Removal Thornhill

Rats can cause extensive structural damage to your home through their incessant gnawing. They also carry the risk of spreading harmful diseases among family members. Rats virtually chew through everything thus rendering precious household items useless. If you don’t remove them at first sign, they will build a colony which is formidable enough to run down your home. We the best pest control Thornhill will exterminate them from your sight and save your property and in doing so will use only environment friendly methods and pesticide.

Rodent Exterminators Thornhill

When weather outside turn cold, rodents make their move in to your homes because they like warmth. But they could also deal great amount of damage in terms of food and structural destruction. Invading food means, contaminating them and spreading disease among inhabitants. You would not like that happen to your homes, would you? We are experts in rodent removal and have most skilled pest exterminators in Thornhill in our team.

Cockroach Removal Thornhill  

Cockroaches have sinister presence when they take refuge in to the crevices of your home. They can make you sick and are found to be the cause of infecting you with typhoid, dysentery and severe diarrhea. At BBPP we know your cockroaches and how to remove them and you can expect our cockroach removal to be comprehensive.

 We, Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc also provide other pest control services like ant control, spider control, flies control, centipede control and extermination. Besides homes we also provide the best pest control Thornhill to industries and commercial setups. Call the number 647-910-6315 or send mail to to contact us and to obtain more information on the above services.