How Effective are Traps for Mice Extermination?

Rodent problems like mice and rat infestations can cause unfathomable distress in family members. The thing with mice infestation is the repulsiveness you experience when they run over your floor, furniture, clothing, kitchen counters and other personal spaces. This is one of the biggest psychological disadvantages you have with mice infestation besides more dangerous diseases they are capable of spreading among family members. Mice at home when grown as a big colony can ransack your home, tear open food storage, eat them and spill them over the floor, leave droppings, urine and hair on floors, furniture and kitchen counters and in the process contaminate them. Consuming food items contaminated by mice can cause a number of illnesses of serious nature and will need immediate medication and even hospitalization. This being the case, it is apparent that you should get rid of them immediately from vicinity and you must contact professional pest control companies like BBPP, expert mouse exterminator Maple to do it.

Can traps remove mice infestation?

Traps are effective in catching mice and exterminating them, that is if you have infestation of small size. Suppose you have a small family of mice consisting of 5-6 members it is possible for you to catch them and exterminating them or dumping them far away from your home. If the infestation is big, that you have allowed growing in the initial stage, it is not possible to catch all of them as they will be in hundreds. Mice breed quickly and multiple and it is difficult to check the population or exterminate them using a domestic mouse trap.   There are different types of traps available to catch mice and they are mostly designed to catch just one mouse at a time. Employing poison bait can be hazardous if you have children and pets at home. It needs in depth knowledge of chemicals and how they will trigger after effects to deploy them.

Traps cannot tackle large mice infestation

Spring traps are always a viable option which is also safe for everyone in the family. They never fail as they routinely catch mouse. It is necessary for you to check the traps every morning as a mouse or two would be found in the traps. We will still insist that laying baits and traps to catch mice is only a solution designed to deal with small number of mice and certainly not for infestation of gigantic proportions. Infestation amounting to huge numbers should be left to professional mice exterminators like BBPP, the best Pest Control Maple as they will have the knowledge, technique, equipment and well trained staff to deal with any size of infestation. One of the most crucial operations in mice extermination is to locate mice nests and that is a tough job because mice can build nests deep inside your walls, elevated places, attics, barns, underground, basement and crawl spaces that are not easily accessible.

Call for professional help

Letting colonies of mice prosper inside your home unchecked will result in large scale of property damage and illnesses among family members besides the pillaging of food items by mice. If this is the case with your home you must immediately call BBPP, the most professional mouse exterminator Maple and to do that dial number 647-910-6315 or send mail to and get a free quote.

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