Why Mice Choose Your Home to Build Nests?

Mice are inclined to build their nests in your home because of the obvious reason that it provides warm resting place and food in plenty. These are two things that mice won’t get outside during winter so they invade homes when it becomes uncomfortable and food become scarce in the outdoors. Mouse being tiny creature can build nest in the tightest crevices and tiniest holes. Once they make way through the various entries found in your house they start widening the space inside walls, foundation, basement, and other narrowest places making detection impossible. You come to know only when you see the furry tiny creature disappearing around the corner or suddenly jump out of cupboards or table drawer. If you see or suspect mice presence at home you must call expert mice exterminators like BBPP, the most effective mouse removal Richmond Hill and get rid of their nest.

How mice build their nests?

Mice use a variety of material derived from your home and surroundings to build their nests. They find a concealed place like mentioned above and start gathering nesting materials made up of paper, cotton, cloth, plastic and cardboard material, grass, hay and anything they could find in house and nearby. They would build nests in the most unexpected places like your dressing table drawer, unused items like an old guitar, under car engine hood, air filters, fridge, and forlorn places like attic, barn, garages, old cardboard boxes and any place that is undisturbed. Actually this makes it difficult to detect their nests and you really have to possess a sharp nose and increase sense of smell to find them. When they go in search of nesting material they tear into anything without reservation including your wardrobe, wire insulation and sofa stuffing. This makes them highly dangerous to your property and you, as you will be spending a lot of money to replace those damaged by mice.

What damage mice can do?

Mice can cause large scale damage and destruction to your property and food stock. Once they settle in your home buy building their homes in the above said places they give birth to litters and multiply fast. During nights or when the house is empty, they venture out of their nest to hunt for food and tear in to anything that comes their way. They will tear open food packets and chew furniture with equal vigor and will waste more than they eat. They also eat plenty and if there is a colony hiding in your home you can expect extensive theft of food grains, snacks, dairy products, food on your table, kitchen counters, bird seed, and animal feed etc. They don’t stop there they also chew your woodwork, tear open insulations, gnaw at your furniture and could even spark electric short circuit causing potential fire breakouts.

What should you do after mice detection?

When you detect mice infestation you must call the mice exterminators like BBPP, the best Pest Control Richmondhill technicians for the area and other nearby towns. Exterminating a whole colony of mice is beyond your comprehension and skills, so it is better advised to rely on the expertise of the pest control company. If you want mouse nest removed from your property you can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to info@bbppcanada.com and also get a free quote.

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