What to do in a home filled with mice?

Winter is coming and with that, the increasing population of rodents in your home. As the temperature falls further, more and more mice and rats find a way into people’s homes and create a haven for themselves in the nooks and crannies of it.

However, there’s no need to worry if you happen to find any mice in your home. We provide mouse control services in Brampton and can help you save your home from rodents during winters. If you find mice in any of these parts in your home, here’s what you need to do.

Taking care of the Attic

The idea of having mice in your attic can be quite scary and annoying, but it’s also extremely dangerous. The little furry creatures are more than just pain due to the constant sound they make and their droppings. With mice in the attic, you have the constant danger of these pests chewing on the electrical wires and piping, increasing the possibility of a fire or flood.

In order to get rid of the mice from your attic, you first need to stop them from getting up there. This can be achieved by sealing any openings or cracks in your house so the rodents cannot go through them. These creatures can go through even a quarter of an inch of an opening and therefore, you must be very careful all the time.

You should also keep a check on your attic from fall through the winter for any rats or mice. This way, you will be able to know about their presence as early as possible without any actual damage.

Taking care of the Walls

Getting rid of the mice in the walls is a lot more difficult as compared to getting rid of the mice in the attic. Due to the lack of space, it can be very difficult to find mice in there. There is also a possibility of having dead mice in the walls, which makes the penetration even harder.

You can lay traps for the mice but this method stops working if their population is quite high. Once the mice in your home start producing more, they will be much more difficult to deal with. On the other hand, you can also try poisoning the mice. Poison can help you get rid of a large number of mice at once but it will also leave your walls with a ton of dead mice that will eventually decompose.

The best way to get rid of rodents in your home is with BBPP pest control services. We offer mouse control services in Brampton and Mice control and removal services in Caledon. Our methods are cost-effective, while offering a long term solution to get rid of the rodents in your home.

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