How to prepare your home against rodent infestation for winters?

Winter is the time when the temperature in the city starts to drop drastically, leaving the rodents to try and find someplace warm to survive. Rats and mice infest our basements, attics, and walls in search of warmth, shelter, and food.

However, these rodents can cause more nuisance than usual by leaving our house open to many health issues. They can also end up chewing the electrical wires in the house and turning it into a fire hazard.

Therefore, it’s imperative to prepare your home in the winters so that the rodents cannot enter them. Here’s how you can prep your home in the winter.

Seal all the cracks in your home

The mice can get through even the quarter of an inch of space and thus, it’s important to cover all the entrances, opening and crack in your home so that rodents cannot enter it. A mouse can even get through a window if it’s open for even a little too long.

You can cover all the cracks and openings around your home by using sealants around your home. The mice are most likely to get through pipe openings, vents and cracked windows in the basement. Therefore, you need to make sure that you fix those as well.

Don’t leave any food out

The worst thing to do during winters is to leave food in the open overnight. Rodents are especially active at night and the scent of last night’s food in your sink can be an easy way to attract them.

As a result, you need to keep your kitchen as clean as possible and not leave any open food can at the table. You should also vacuum your home often to get rid of any rice grains or bread crumbs. It also helps to get rid of the garbage as soon as possible because even that can attract mice.

Take care of the garbage

Open garbage containers are another point of attraction for rodents. They are attracted to the smell of rotting food and other items and go on to explore them in the middle of the night. Therefore, open garbage containers both outside and inside your home can prove dangerous. You must seal your garbage containers properly and place some weight on top of the bucket so that the rodents cannot access it. Even placing the containers on an elevated platform can go a long way.

Rodents can create a lot of nuisance if you’re living in a cold city.

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