Why DIY control doesn’t work with rodents?

Mice can infest your home in any season but are most likely to get in during winters. They can infest and make your attic, basement or walls their home. It seems easy to get rid of mice with the traditional traps, but only if you are dealing with only one or two of them.

Mice reproduce at a really fast rate and can infest your home real soon. You can try getting rid of them with poison but that method can also create issues by leaving a lot of dead mice in hard to reach cracks of your home.

Therefore, neither traps with cheese nor poison can solve the pest infestation that you may have. Here are the problems that you may face with DIY rodent control in your home and why you should seek professional help for this issue.

Issues with DIY Control

The biggest issue with getting rid of the rodents in your home is that you may win your battles but you end up losing the war. Getting rid of mice in your home doesn’t make sure that they don’t come back in for a long time. Thus, the idea isn’t to just get rid of them but have a strategy that takes care of the problem in the long term.

For example, traditional mouse traps can help with a small population of mice but won’t work with a large population. Similarly, the poison will work on a large population but will leave you with dead mice in walls and nooks and crannies of your home. When these mice decompose, they will emanate quite a bad odor in your home and might attract scavengers as well.

Leaving poison in different areas of your home can also be quite dangerous, especially if you have children in your home. Their fumes can cause health problems among kids and also sensitive adults. You also need to handle the industrial poison with a lot of care otherwise it might harm you too.

How Mouse control services can help

You can resolve any health issues with self-medication and the same way, you can’t get rid of the pests in your home by yourself as well. Therefore, taking the help of BBPP extermination services can help you a lot. Our team of experts specializes in mouse & removal services in North York and Mice control & removal services in Etobicoke and can come to your home and device a plan to get rid of the rodents.

For example, we make sure of placing special baits around the perimeter of your house to avoid the infestation altogether. We also plan and protect your house from a further infestation in the future, so that there are no health risks for your family. Talk to us to know more about what we offer and how we can help guarantee your home remains pest free – throughout the year!

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