Remove Bee Hives From Your Vicinity Because Bee-Sting Can be Fatal

Bee stings can be fatal if you take it on your body more than 1,000 times. A child can be killed with 500 bee stings. However these are rare occasion where repeated attached by bees are reported. It will take more than a casual bee incident to inflict one thousand stings and the bees must have been absolutely gone made to carry out such act. But this could happen if you are careless and fail to prevent the incident by removing the bee hive when it is in the budding stage. Such times you will need bee hive removal Vaughan by BBPP, the best Bug and Pest Protection service around the city.

Now let us explore more facts about bees and bee-stings

Stings by bees, hornets, and wasps are common episodes in the US and bite or sting by these species can be extremely painful causing swelling, itching and redness.  There are rarely any allergic reactions but it could be an extremely serious result if it happens. The immediate reaction of the victim is to remove the stinger from the skin and apply ointment or cream meant to relive pain. An average human can tolerate more than 1,000 bee stings unless he or she has sting allergy a single sting or bite will cause death.  Cause of the death will be anaphylactic reaction or a life threatening episode of allergy reaction which will make your blood pressure fall rapidly and close your airways. It is common the United States for people to die from bee stings than snake bite and the number if 3 or 4 times more.

There is an Africanized honeybee also known as killer bee has been found recently seeking settlement in the Southern and Southwestern states in USA form South America. These are more dangerous than other bee species and they are capable of killing individuals when they attack in swarms.  Even fire ants could kill, particularly in Gulf Region in the South and each year at least 30 deaths are reported.

What is the bee sting Symptoms?

When bee, hornet or wasp stings they could cause intolerable pain and the affected skill area will swell and become red. It will also cause itching within the area of bite or sting which is usually 2-inches or 5 centimeters and itching will remain for the next 2 to 3 days. It is often referred by people as infection but not. However bee sting can trigger off considerable amount of allergy causing itching all over the body and could make breathing difficult. Victims are usually rendered with shock as wheezing takes over giving a chocking feeling. The issue should be addressed immediately and some people may even develop seizures when they experience huge number of stings.

There are good enough reasons for you to remove beehives as and when they are in the process of building in and around your household surroundings. You cannot do it yourself, lest get stung by angry bees and for best bee hive removal Vaughan contact BBPP the Best Bug and Pest Protection. Prevention is better than cure!

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