10 Easy Steps to a Rodent Free Yard

When it is winter and cold outside rodents make their way in to backyards and eventually in to homes. They could make your life miserable by producing intolerable stench with their droppings and urine. They will make you sleepless during the nights by nibbling at things incessantly or scurrying along the walls or under the bed.  They have the natural habit of multiplying quite rapidly and in no time your home will be teeming with thousands of them. Rodents like rats and mice make their entry in to your home by building nests first in your backyard because that is where you dump your leftover food, waste and other items that are liked by them.  if you control rodents at the back yard you will prevent them from entering your house so call in Backyard rodent control services Brampton, namely BBPP the best Bug and Pest Protection in your area.

Here are 10 easy steps that will make your yard rodent free

  1. Keep backyard clean. Remove foliage, leaves and branches, pile of woods if any and remove mounds of unwanted debris in the yard because these make cozy hideouts for rodents.
  2. Trim the branches of trees that are very near to your home, because they make bridges on which rodents could travel and reach your interiors
  3. Remove trash cans from the yard and keep them a distance away. Seal all trash cans and regularly empty them at a faraway place or through garbage cleaning service
  4. Do not let pet food lying in the backyard and move them immediately to a container which is sealed properly and then keep in inside your home
  5. Set traps and use baits to snare them. once caught leave them at a place which is miles away from your home or call Backyard rodent control services Mississauga, BBPP the best Bug and Pest Protection in your area.
  6. Keep good distance between your home and trash cans. Trash cans are ideal source of food for mice and rats
  7. Leave cats loose on the backyard as they are good hunters of rodents and that will scare rates and mice away
  8. Do not dump stuffed dolls, old pillows and mattresses and any home material that could turn into a hideout for them
  9. Use a repellent or scent that would repulse rodent population. For an example a common item as such onion could drive them away with their pungent smell. By implementing these repulsive scents or odors in the backyard you can significantly repel them out of your backyard. For example use cotton balls drenched in peppermint oil.
  10. Rodents have great sense of smell and outstanding hearing ability but are poor by sight. They hunt usually in the night so whatever preventive measures you have planned to execute do it during night. Whether it is setting traps, planting repulsive scent or keeping pesticide on their travel routes, do everything during night when they are highly active.

These are home remedies that you can try your hand at but it is always advised to bring in professional rodent control to do a thorough job. To keep your yard free of mice and rats call Backyard rodent control services Mississauga and contact BBPP the best Bug and Pest Protection for your locality.


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