How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Backyard and Garden

Mice are the most common rodents found in your household including your backyard and garden. They are quick to reproduce and multiply and in turn will multiply your problems. If you get a semblance of proof that mice are present in your backyard you should find ways to get rid of them before they gain in strength and invade your home interiors. Mice invade homes during the months of fall and winter when they fail to gather resources outside for their survival. Once it gets settled in your home it can make mess of your food items, dirty home environment with droppings and urine and general make your home uninhabitable. It is better to get rid of them before they make their way into your homes and for that you will need the help of backyard mice control Brampton, BBPP, the best Bug and Pest Protection in the city.

Mice have high reproductive cycle and within no time you will find your backyard and garden teeming with hundreds of them. To prevent this you have to make your backyard habitant undesirable to them. Here are some tips that could help prevent them from making your backyard or garden their habitat.

  • Keep your backyard and garden clean

Keep your backyard clean of tall grass, piles of fallen leaves and wood piles because they make ideal hiding space for mice. Keep your yard work regular and cut grass and pull out weed with regularity. Also remove foliage or pile wood that offer mice potential hiding places. If you make compost, keep it at a distance from your home.

  • Remove food from backyard

Seal trash cans with lid and lock. Remove pet food, bird food, exposed food and trash from the yard because they make possible food sources for mice. Uneaten pet food or bird food must be kept in a sealed container and somewhere inside your home.

  • Set bait and trap them

Set traps with bait inside in areas where mice move around frequently. These furry creatures usually run close to the wall and will not venture in to open space more than 5 to 10 feet. So make sure to set the traps all along the periphery of your home. Also keep the bait away from children and pets as they may set the trap off..

  • Close openings of burrows

For resting, nesting and hiding mice dig burrows in to the ground. So cover them with dirt, rock and any home that you could find in your backyard. If you find the holes opened up again it is indication that mice are still present.

  • Check home premises carefully

Apart closing holes, setting trap and removing debris you could still check the exterior of your home premises and seal cracks, holes, or any kind of openings you find there with wire mesh.

Resort to proper pest control

You must opt for proper pest control for Backyard mice removal Mississauga and for that should approach BBPP the Best Bug and Pest Protection in the area. They know how to remove mice that hide by squeezing in to the tiniest crevices in the backyard and garden.

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