How Mice Could Wreak Havoc With Your Food and Other Storage at Home

Mice or rats can cause considerable amount of risks in your home, if they happen to be camping there. In fact rodents are potential disease spreaders and they could also cause great deal of damage to your home structure as well as contaminating your food besides eating them. If you attempt to remove or drive them out the task may not be cut out for you and will have to call Mice Control Mississauga from BBPP, the best bug and pest Protection Company nearby.

Possible damages by mice

  • Mice will eat away woodwork in a household or office and damage structure in any kind of building by nest building, defecating and gnawing.
  • They will chew about anything that you have in your home and use them to build their nest. The material they chew could be your cloths, wood, paper, and book and even cables etc.
  • Mice will gnaw the fabric of your sofa or any upholstered furniture and build their nest in the burrow they have made. It could be among the spring work of a sofa, couch or a car seat.
  • They won’t spare insulations and will dig a tunnel in to the attics and walls either to collect soft material with which they will make their homes or simply build their nest.
  • They will also cut wires by chewing the insulation and open up the threat of fire by short circuit, or malfunction.
  • They will bite in to anything that comes in their way and have no respect for anything. They will find all the chewable items that can be found in an attic, basement, garage, family heirlooms, important documents, paintings, and closets.
  • When they move around in search of food they will also leave a trail of droppings and urine. When they do this they also contaminate the material they gather or eat and also cause and spread potential diseases. They also leave trace of their smell to other mice so they know that your house is a safe haven to live

Food they eat and destroy

  • When it comes to eating food they are not very fickle and they will feast on huge array of food items that you have stored and also sample your pet’s food.
  • The food items become their favorite if they come in a paper wrapping or cardboard box because they serve the double purpose of providing eating and building material.
  • Your food items stored in cupboard or pantry will be contaminated for sure when they pass urine, droppings and their hair on them.
  • Mice actually eat more food than its body weight and also contaminate foods 10 times more than they eat. They also leave a number of partially eaten food articles where they have left their droppings after they have nibbled at them. The food left by them is not even fit for pet or other animal’s consumption.
  • Mice also take to a liking for plastic materials and wiring insulation made of plastic or PVC. They will chew at paper napkins, paper towels and shred stored papers to pieces making them absolutely unusable.

How to remove rats and mice?

Mice and rats can also damage home structures when they attempt to get entry inside. They usually need hole the size of a dime, in which they will squeeze their body and enter homes. If the hole is not big enough they will resume chewing the structure till it attains the size.

If you are going through such harrowing experience and want to prevent it at once call on Mice Exterminator Mississauga from BBPP, the best bug and pest protection agency in the area.

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