How to Get Rid of Mice in the Garage?

Rats and mice in your car garage can trigger off health problems besides creating mental agony. Mice are highly unsanitary and they can inflict great deal of material damage by chewing on the insulation, snipping off electrical wires causing short circuits and fires. If you don’t get rid of them soon your life could become a living nightmare and the best option to rid of them is to call pest control Markham such as BBPP, the best pest control service within your vicinity.   You can place traps and capture them or even use pesticide to exterminate them but these attempts may not be successful because you are not a professional hence it is wise to leave the responsibility to a pest control company.

Identify Mice

If you sense mouse infestation you probably would have house mice which can be found in a variety of shades and tones and they would be brown, grey, black, white and tan. Beady black eyes, pointed nose, tail with no hair and tiny rounded ears are the common features.   Mice usually are typically 30 centimeter long at maximum.

Detect mouse infestation

If your garage is mouse infested you will easily detect a few telltale signs which would confirm your suspicion. Visual sighting and mouse droppings are the obvious signs but you must also look for not so obvious signs like unusual odors, sudden appearance of holes in the garage that were not there before, scampering and scratching noise and rodent nests. Mice hide behind materials, in crevices and containers or any place that is not habituated or noticed for long time. For locating mice infestation in garage in the fastest way is to de-clutter the garage.

Ridding mice from garage

Garages are most infested by mice because of the warmth they afford to them, but it will not take long before they step in your home. If no checking is done for long you will have a full blown mice infestation in your hands. Here is how you get rid of mice from garage.

  • Bait them with Live Traps

Placing live traps in strategic location in your garage with peanut butter or pieces of cheese will work well. Place the trap near the wall and the bait end should be pointing towards the mice access point. Regularly check the traps and release live mice in a faraway field.

  • Place Conventional Traps

You could set conventional mouse traps to double the coverage and they can be placed in corners, under shelves and along rafters and window casings. Set traps near access points and throw away mice before it decomposes.

BBPP, the best bug and pest protection service who will deploy experienced mice exterminator Markham. The pest control technician will use environment friendly pesticide to remove mice from garage, so as not to harm inhabitants and pets.

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