How to Keep Mice, Rats and Other Rodents out of Your Car Engine

Rats, mice and other rodents are not welcome in your car because as they can cause great deal of damage. Their presence is unhygienic and at worse situations it could be risky as they are capable of spreading contagious diseases. Unfortunately if you have them in your car here is some advice that you could use to avoid them. You can either use the ideas yourself or call BBPP, the best Pest Control Oakville to implement them professionally.

How to keep rodents out of your car?

  • Clear parking area

Hunt for potential hiding places and breeding spots in the area where you park your car to eliminate them. For example parking your car near bushes is totally avoidable and do not park your care where unattended boxes and trash are present. To make it short clear the parking area and don’t allow rodents to build nests or shelters for themselves. Keep it non-cluttered and free the area of litter and maintain high hygiene. Clean areas are not the favorite abode for rodents so they will make them their habitat.

  • Avoid keeping food near the car

Rodents like rat and mice are living creatures hence they will need food to survive.  Leaving food lying around in the parking area or in the car will attract them and by cutting off the food you can keep the unwanted guests at bay.  Make your car a “No food zone” because children tend to drop food crumbs there while traveling. You should also make your car garage litter free and food free.

  • Light up the parking space

Rats, mice and other rodents like to live in dark places, hence avoid bright ambience. They also don’t light while sleeping, so consider leaving the lights on in your garage or choose a parking area which is well lit. You could also open the car hood to let light seep in the crevices so rodents don’t build nests over there. By allowing plenty of light into the car during day and night, you can discourage mice or rats entering your car.

  • Block entry points

If you are able to detect mice or rat entry points in your car you can seal them off with wire mesh. It is very difficult to locate the entry points because rodents have the knack to squeeze through tiniest holes or crevices to get entry. You can seek help from BBPP, the best pest control North York, as they are professionals and exactly know where these entry points could be.

  • Use Traps

It is the old way and it is mostly effective. By laying traps at strategic points in and around your car you can catch them. Besides the conventional traps you also get sticky tape traps in the market for the purpose.

  • Exterminate with Rodenticide

Powerful rodenticide is able to eliminate rats and mice but you have to be careful here because someone like your kid or pet could access it. It is a sure way of eliminating rodents but for this you may require the expert services of a pest control service in Oakville such as BBPP, the best bug and pest protection.

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