How to Get Rid of Mice in the Walls and Ceilings?

For three simple reasons mice zero on homes and they are warmth, safety and food. When they take refuge in homes they choose three general areas such as crawl spaces, wall cavities and air ducts to run around while hunting for food. They could easily climb on walls and get into the tiniest of holes, so it will be difficult for you to locate them and stop. You could always sense their presence by three general telltale signs such as mouse droppings, nests and their scurrying around. However it is a better option to approach experts like BBPP, the best pest control Mississauga for locating and terminating them.

How to get rid of mice from walls?

If you hear tiny sounds of mice feet running inside your walls you can lay traps at the bottom of the concerned wall. You must position the traps with the food baited end facing the wall and usually place them in corridors such as small holes on walls that mice use as passage for running around. You could also lay traps laced with peanut butter alongside the walls which mice use to run along the edges of the walls. With this the results cannot be immediate but repeated use will provide you with desired outcome. Using poison could boomerang on you as mice could retreat in to the walls before dying leaving a smelly and messy issue in your hands.

How to rid mice from ceiling?

When there are mice, the first sign will be the tiny sounds they make while they move around the ceiling. By checking the vents throughout your household you will find slivers between roofs or walls and ducts.  Blocking them with wire mesh will prove effective as it will prevent them from slipping through. You should do the same with all entrances that allow mice to get in to the walls and ceilings.

Exterminate them for once and all

When it comes to exterminating mice it needs expert technology and technicians to accomplish the task successfully and any DIY job could jeopardize your efforts and end in unsatisfactory results. Call BBPP the best pest control Richmond Hill service for getting rid of rat, mice and other rodents from walls and ceilings.

At BBPP Control, we ensure your home remains bug and pest free. All of our products and measures are eco-friendly. They not only protect the nature around you but also keep you safe as well.

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