5 Tell Tale Signs that Mice are Present at Your Home?

You might have had problems with mice in your home and probably called in a pest control management service or yourself to get rid of the pests. But you have to make sure that you have removed everyone of them. if you have spotted few droppings under your cabinet recently it is important that you know whether they are fresh or old droppings? You have to conduct a thorough investigation and find out whether they are still there. If it is determined then you may approach Mice Control Oakville, the best BBPP the Best Bug and Pest Protection.

Tell tale signs of mice population

Some signs may give away the size of population present at your home. If you only find mice during night it would mean that they are not sufficient in numbers and you can easily control them by laying traps with baits. If the fresh droppings are growing in numbers and the nimble sound of rats scurrying around during day time is frequent then it it is likely that the motley crew has gotten too large. You may have to call professional outfits like BBPP the Best Bug and Pest Protection in Oakville.

Watch out for the following signs to determine mice presence

  1. Visible rodent droppings

If you find droppings moist and dark then they are fresh.  They are usually found near food articles or packages, cupboards, drawers, hidden areas, under sinks and rodent runways. Highest number of droppings can be found in places where the mice usually rest or feed.

  1. If you see Gnaw marks

Gnawing marks look lighter when new and gradually become dark unlike rat droppings. The gnaw marks can be found on the woodwork of your home and food packets. You can compare the gnaw marks with others and find out when the cuts or gnaw marks are applied. If it is lighter then it is fresh and vice versa if it is dark. The gnaw marks will also reveal whether it is a mice or rate, rates have larger teeth and the gnaw marks will be bigger.

  1. Detection of foul smell

You will find cats and dogs getting hyper active in areas where suspected mice activities are present. This is owing to the odor that the mice emanate from their bodies and it is easily detectable by human nostrils not to mention the canines. If you find your cat or dog pawing an area where they never showed interest, check it immediately with torchlight.

  1. Find rodent tracks

You could spot runway tracks quite easily as they will be distinctive and littered with urine, droppings, smudge marks and foot prints. Spraying the suspected activity areas with powder will soon reveal their presence by the foot marks they leave when they run.

  1. If you find nests

To build nests rodents use shredded paper, dried plant matter and shredded fabric. If these materials are seen along with the other signs we discussed you can be sure of the mice or rats present at your home. If you have piled up trash, organic waste or found nearby your home then it is likely that the mice will be there as these signs indicate towards their presence. Instead of doing the detective work you could engage professional Rodent control Vaughan like BBPP the Best Bug and Pest Protection in the town.

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