Most Common Rodents Found in your Thornhill Homes

Living with mice infestation can be frustrating especially when you have a large infestation. Rats and mice run a parallel community which is akin to human, where the cycle of reproduction goes on and on. Unfortunately for house owners, mice have a short gestation period and they can produce babies at a fast rate. A female mice is capable of producing 5-6 babies at a time and it can deliver about 10-11 litters a year. Canadian homes are commonly infested by House Mouse, Deer Mouse and Norway Rats and it is important to keep an eye on their activities. Mice activities can interrupt your daily routine in a big way and it is usually related to property damage, food wastage, food and surface contamination and deadly diseases. It is serious breach of privacy and atrociously damaging to your property so call BBPP, the best mice removal Thornhill and get rid of the infestation at once.

If you suspect mice infestation it is important that you identify these crawlers as it will help in the extermination of mice or rats. Most commonly found mice species in your home are

  • House mouse

House mouse is grey in color, while having light brown shade around their back and underbelly. A house mouse typically measures 8 cm in length and has long tail which half fur covered and the reset naked. It has large ears and beady eyes. House mouse is tinier than Deer Mouse and hugely differs in body fur color. It has a pointy nose and almost hairless body.

  • Deer mice

It has a brown or grey fur coat and has a underbelly which is white. You will also notice the same shade in their legs. It has a tail which is equal to the length of its trunk or body. It has long legs in the back and short legs in the front. It has large ears and eyes. Their eyes compared to house mouse is larger hence easy to identify. By giving the description to mouse control Thornhill you will make the task of removing mouse infestation easy and smooth.

  • Norway rats

They are commonly called as street rat, wharf rat, street rat or Norwegian rats. It is the largest in the line of muroids and is mostly brown or grey in color. It can grow about 28cm in length and it has a short tail compared to mice. Rats are usually bigger than your House Mouse and it can cause larger damage to your property because of its size.

The above mentioned rodent species are the most found rodents in North America and they are equally dangerous when it comes to destabilising your home. When you deal with rat infestation make sure to hire the best rat control Thornhill services because they are more dangerous than mice.

Get professional help

You are at risk when you have mice infestation so it is best advised that hire experts like BBPP, the most effective rodent exterminator Thorn hill to get rid of mice or rat infestation. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send email to and get a free quote.

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