How to Keep Your Yard Free from Rodents?

Rodents become desperate when winter sets in and cover fields and bare grounds with snow. Food becomes scarce and danger of predators attacking them looms large. In such circumstances rodents like rats and mice run to the nearest human habitat so they could avoid the above dangers. Your yard is the first entry area that is clearly visible to them so they start searching hiding places where they could build their nests. Your yard, garden, barn and outhouses offer juicy opportunities to rodents and the best hideouts to waive off predators. When mice encroach your yard they will seek asylum in the following places and if you detect their presence already it is better to call BBPP, the most effective mice removal woodbridge and chalk out ways to drive them away from your yard and home premises. Now on to the possible hideouts of rodents in your yard:

A yard offers many openings or hiding places where rodents can hide, build nests and prosper and they are:

Underground burrows

Mice can dig underground burrows where they will feel safe and find them convenient for building nests. Mice start breeding within six weeks of their birth and will produce litters throughout the year at regular intervals. This happens to every pup that has taken birth and you can easily calculate how it can contribute to the increment of rodent population. You will need the assistance of the best mouse control Woodbridge to remove them.

Log piles

It is a habit for human to dump unwanted or unused things on the yard. Some store fire wood on the yard or garden and these serve as potential hideouts for rats. Log piles offer safe hideout for rodents if you just plop them on the ground. Mice collect wood fibre to build nests and they also use lawn grass, plant matters, leaves etc to cosy their nests. It is advised that you keep logs on elevated platforms that are 2-feet above ground level. Mice can jump but possibly cannot jump over 2-feet.

Tree trunks

Mice take refuge in tree trunks where large cavities are formed. They serve as a good hideout because human rarely venture out to inspect tree trunks. Rats can build nests in nearby thickets close to your yard. Thick vegetation, foliage, trees, tall grass etc are potential nest building sites for rodents. Mice can use tree branches that lean towards your building to migrate to your interiors via roof. You will also need a familiar rat control Woodbridge to help remove rodents’ nests.


Besides convenient nesting places, your yard also provides food to rodents. Rats are fond of living outdoors and they find plenty of food and water in the yard. Fallen fruits, plants, birdfeed, barn where grains, birdseeds, and cattle feed are kept become possible targets for sourcing food. Mice will also invade your outhouse or barn and rip open sacks of grains so they could eat. They also waste these food materials and contaminate them with their droppings and urine. Rodents are capable of spreading incurable diseases through these mediums and make you suffer. It is best advised to clean your yard and manage it well to remove hideouts and send wastes to landfills.

If you have confirmed infestation of your yard by rodents call BBPP, the best rodent exterminator Woodbridge who also provide effective mouse control to other nearby towns, and get rid of them.  You can contact them the pest control company on phone 647-910-6315 or send email to and get a free quote in the process.

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