Why Mice get in to My Maple Home?

When mice migrate from fields and outdoor locations to your homes you may not be aware of the development because it is done with stealth. Mice can get in to your home any time they like because you cannot survey entire home space at the same time. you hardly look at pests infesting your space, furniture, carpets, kitchen, wet rooms, clothing etc because they are not openly visible and will have to pay close attention to moths eating your clothing, termites rotting wood or ants crawling along the home foundation. You notice pest infestations only when it directly affects you or confront you. A leaping house mouse from a carton containing crackers or a fiery sting from a wasp is your wakeup call that a pest infestation is developing in your house. Among many types of infestations rodent infestations looms large because it is highly destructive. If you have mice infestation in your home make sure to call BBPP, most experienced mice removal Maple and get rid of them comprehensively.

Why and how mice get in to your maple homes?

Mice are highly resourceful tiny rodents that have highly flexible body that they use will telling results. A mouse has collapsible skeletal structure which it uses to get in to holes that are of the size of a dime. Your old home may have dozens of such holes in the walls, foundations, crawl spaces and basement etc and that make it easy for mice to enter. Mice enter homes to get food, shelter and protection from predators. When it is cold outside and fields are snow covered, mice and rats make a run to human homes. Food becomes short and the ground become cold and wet, but mice need shelter that is dry and warm so they can build cosy nests for their newborn. Mice do not have the freedom to move unchallenged because of the looming threat of a high flying hawk or a weasel or cat or dog that hunts them down on the ground. Since your home is protected from these wild animals they prefer to migrate to your life space and live in extremely secret places. Consult mouse control maple to find ways to effectively remove them from your home.

How mice get in to your home?

Mice have many routes to access when they decide to move in to your house. Mice and rats can get in to your house through the following routes:

  • Holes and crevices located in the walls
  • Basement, crawl space, foundation and sidings
  • Enter through drain pipes and sewage channel and climb in to your toilet, bathroom and other places where water pipes have been fitted. Rats get in to your home through sewer lines and it will take the expertise of rat control Maple to exterminate them.
  • Climb trees located along your building and jump onto the roof
  • Get access easily to barns, outhouses, gardens etc

There is no way you can plug all these gaps and holes because there may be too many and some of them undetectable. However it is important that you inspect your outer walls, foundations, pipelines, basement etc thoroughly and locate these entry points. You should seal them with industrial strength adhesive, caulk, steel mesh, steel wool ball, cement etc or they will make convenient entries to mice and rats.

If you have a confirmed mice infestation which is easily visible, do not hesitate to call BBPP, the best rodent exterminator Maple, and get rid of them. You can contact the pest control service on phone number 647-910-6315 or send email to info@bbppcanada.com.

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