How to Discourage Wasps from Building Nests in Your Home?

Your home is a big structure made up of different architecture designs. Homes have plenty of access points, hiding places and unused spaces. These are great nest building places for wasps and other pests. Wasps are special from other pests because they are not afraid of human. Even an anti will divert and run if you touch but wasps will sting if you do such thing with them. This makes them more dangerous because here you have an adversary that is super aggressive that will cause maximum physical pain by its defense arsenal. Having wasps will keep you on edge because wasps are unpredictable and can easily get agitated if you even flail your arms in front of their nest. It will become necessary for you to call BBPP, the most effective wasps nest removal aurora, if you have an infestation and it will be a logical decision to give the responsibility of removing wasps from your premises by a professional.

Can you discourage wasps from entering your home?

Partly yes, they can be discouraged or stopped from entering your interiors with some well thought-out wasps control aurora measures but may be difficult to stop them in your exterior. Your exterior or fenced outdoor is open and wasps can easily access it. However there are ways you can employ and stop them from visiting you and some of the ideas are:

  • Do not grow colorful and nectar filled flowers in your garden
  • Pick rotting fruits and half eaten fruits from the grass and dispose them
  • After dumping garbage in trash bins do not forget to close them
  • Take away garbage everyday
  • Do not leave water outside, empty pitchers and keep bird feed away from main building
  • Grow strong scented plants or trees in garden
  • Clear debris, log piles, and other clutter from the garden
  • Find holes or crevices on the outer wall and seal them
  • Any entry from roof should be closed
  • Thickets, rocks, and wood cavities are ideal nesting ground, remove them
  • Clear garden area or lawn after a BBQ party, do not leave meat scraps, sugary drinks outside
  • Spray insecticide to do away with small insects as they are food sources for wasps
  • Yellow jacket wasps tend to occupy vacant burrows, fill them with sand and place rock on them or seal them with concrete properly

It is better idea to consult Wasp Control Aurora

Primary aim of wasps occupying home space is to get sheltered nest, food and water and if you deprive them of these items wasps will move away. Hanging fake nests at different areas of your house will discourage wasps building nest. Presence of wasps like yellow jackets or hornets can disturb your life activities significantly, but by taking the above measures can control them to some extent. The above may work if wasp nest building is in initial stage, after that it will become difficult for you because they will grow in numbers and size. It is better advised to engage expert wasp exterminator Aurora such as BBPP, who is the best pest control in the area and also for nearby areas. Contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or sending mail to and get a free quote.

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