Few Tips on How to Prevent Mice Infestation

If you have mice infestation going it is important that you get rid of it at once. Delaying mice removal will prove costly because rodents like rats and mice are capable of causing big damage to your property. Mice are quick to produce and within no time you will have hundreds of them prowling your home space and contaminating them.  They now only steal your food items but also contaminate your surfaces by defecating and urinating on them. Mice droppings and urine are capable of spreading contagious diseases that are lethal if not attended immediately. Here we give you a few tips on how to remove mice and in the meantime you will have to call BBPP the most experienced mice removal Markham if an infestation has already taken place and get rid of them.

Locate entry points

You will have to locate the entry points that mice have used to enter your house. Mice start from your foundation, cracks or holes in outer walls, crawl spaces, barn or outhouses as they are easy to access. Once they have made it to these places they will start hunting food from your interiors. Kitchen, food preparation counter, dining table, trash bin etc are their targets as these are likely to provide them with leftovers. Seal all those entry points with caulk, metal screens, steel wool ball, concrete or cement, strong adhesive materials. These are impenetrable by mice.

Lay mice traps

Placing a number of mouse traps along your walls and places where you suspect mice venture out to. Lonely places like basement, store room, attic, and floorboards are favorite nest building sites for mice. Equip traps with food items like peanut butter, bread, meat scrap or sweet things and mice are likely to take the bait.  Choose traps that will work for your mouse control Markham and place them at the above mentioned areas. Keep a check on those traps by inspecting them every morning and you will be lucky enough to catch a mouse or two. Do not use chemical or poison trap because you are not qualified or certified to use them.

Clean your garage

Your car garage is one place where you can certainly expect rats or mice to build their nests. We tend to leave a lot of old house hold items such as sports gear, bikes, boxes filled with documents or paper, clothing, defunct home appliances and anything that you have discarded from your daily routine and they make ideal hiding places for rodents. Clear the clutter and clean the surfaces with detergent mixed water and also apply disinfectants to keep your garage hygiene and healthy. You should consult rat control Markham if you suspect rats hiding in your garage.

Call expert help

Denying food and nesting materials can stop mice from building nests. You need to make your home rodent proof by removing unwanted clutter, not leaving food in the open and storing foot items in tightly lidded containers, and removing water sources from garden. Mice may move on to other locations when they find your home unfavorable. If you are still having rodent infestation despite the above efforts it is time that you call a professional outfit like BBPP, the best rodent exterminator Markham and also for other towns nearby. Contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or by sending email to info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote.

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