How to Establish that you Have Mice Activity in your House

Mice are part of our lives because they always find some ways to enter your home and start searching nest building materials. Mice are highly resourceful and are expert in finding access to any part of your house without difficulty. Mice activities can interfere in your life in a big way when they grow in numbers. You need to get them before they form a colony because you won’t able to control them with DIY methods such as trapping. If you are sure that you have mice infestation you may call BBPP, most efficient mice removal Mississauga and get rid of it. But make sure that mice are actually in your home and they are active.

How do you detect mice activity?

  • Night noises

Mice are small rodents but hyperactive animals and give their presence away quite easily. You will find it quite easy to feel them because they make lots of noise during night. Mice venture out of their hideout to search food and they keep a non-stop chatter among them. Their activities include scratching, gnawing, nibbling, or biting of household items. You can hear those sounds quite clearly during the dark of night.

  • Telltale marks

You will find gnaw marks on your woodwork, furniture, walls etc. You may see shredded clothing, papers, cardboard boxes, holes in furniture upholstery, missing articles from kitchen counters, dining table and other places you leave food items and sweets. Mice also use insulations, cotton, piece of wires, plant matters, wood fibres and other spongy materials to build nests. You are likely to come across these items when you have mice in your home. Mice can get in to false ceiling and start scratching the plaster so it can be used for building nests. You can definitely call the best mouse control Mississauga after confirming these telltale marks.

  • Mice droppings

Mice eat several meals in a day and they defecate, urinate, and drip saliva on the spilled food.  Rodent infestation can cause contamination of food items and surfaces. If you find a small mound of black rice sized droppings you can safely assume that mice are camping somewhere near. Mice also leave a stench which is unique for their character.

  • Footmarks & trails

You may find tiny footmarks on dusty areas in your house. You can also find the evidence by spraying baby powder or similar items on the floor and you will certainly find fresh footmarks in the morning confirming the fact they are lurking somewhere in your house. Another thing that confirms their presence is the runways or trails created by the running feet of rodents along the wall. If you look closely you will see it is distinct in appearance and is clearly formed. Another thing you may find along the runways the body grease left by rodents on the wall nearby.  You should engage the best rat control Mississauga to exterminate them after you have confirmed their presence.

You can easily smell out rats when you enter places that are isolated. Store rooms, attic, barn, basement, crawl spaces are some of their favourite nesting places and you will certainly smell them when you enter these places.

The above mentioned signs are proof that you have mice infestation. Your best chance to remove the infestation is by engaging professional rodent exterminator Mississauga like BBPP, the best in the business and highly popular pest control for nearby communities. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or by sending email to and get a free quote.

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