What You Need to Know About Hornets in North America

Hornets are actually wasps that look like bees but without hair. Hornets can grow in the range of 1-2 inches. They are bigger wasps thus are easily identifiable. Hornets feed on bugs and insects that they find in your lawn, garden and fields.  Hornets are not overtly aggressive compared to Yellow jacket wasps but are still dangerous because of their size and the amount of venom they can spout from the stingers.  If hornets have built nests in y our home you should get them exterminated by experts like BBPP, the best wasps nest removal aurora and also for nearby towns.

What Are Hornets?

Hornets belong to Vespa genus and some time it is also called as yellow jackets but they are different species that usually build their homes underground, attic and walls.  If you want to oust them you are better are better advised to call the best Wasps Control Aurora. The following are the hornet species found in the world as well as North America.

  • European Hornets

They are originally is the natives of Europe and Asia though they are also found in North America. These are large wasp species that are large woodland wasps. European hornets are also found in the United States.

  • North Giant Hornet

It is known as V. mandarinia, and is the native of Japan and India. This hornet is the biggest with 2-inches long. It is uncommon in this part of the world however some parts of North American have experienced their presence.

  • Bald faced hornet

As the name depicts hornets found in Canada are bald faced and have no hair on their face. Bald faced hornets look like brethren of Yellow jackets and have black and white strips around the body in place of yellow and black. It is 0.75 inches long but smaller than a real hornet.

Where do hornets live?

The European hornets are habitants of woodlands and they always built their nest over the ground, at least 6 feet above. They build nests in tree hallows, barns, sheds, attic or wall crevices. Some hornets build nests in higher spaces like tree tops, building tops, window frames and other places that are solid and located at a height that can bear the weight of their globular nests.

What Do Hornets Eat?

Hornets are predators and they kill bees, grasshoppers, flies etc for food. They feed them to their larvae to induce growth. They also feed on fruit pulps, sweet tree saps and juices during fall season. They are also attracted to sweet drinks and sugary foods.

Are Hornets Dangerous?

Yes, they are because they are bigger and more venomous and cause lot more pain than other wasps so it is important to employ your nearby Wasp Control Aurora. They become immensely dangerous when they attack intruders namely you, because multiple stings by hornets have been known to kill people. Hornets can fly during nights unlike other insects and can be easily spotted in the light background. But if you compare with yellow jacket stings, you can consider them milder but the Asian Giant Hornets have reportedly killed many people with their stings. They do not attack without prodding, so it is advised not to tease hornets with a fly swatter or other things.

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