Why Wasps Zero On Homes And How To Prevent Them From Building Nests?

Wasp attack could be deadly as it is extremely painful and you could be disfigured for several days. Mob attack by wasp could be fatal for life so it is necessary to ensure that they don’t build nest in your vicinity. Before you set about removing them from your sight temporarily, yes, temporarily because they could come back, you should know why they are attracted to your homes. Not many people think about it so let us throw some light on the facts that tell why wasps are attracted to homes and some remedial measures to supplement it. Contact BBPP the Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc for Wasps Removal King City as it is one source from where you can expect effective wasp removal ideas.

What a wasp consider when looking for a home?

You might have overlooked the fact why wasps come zeroing on your homes when it gets warmer outside. When temperature outside soars wasps look for homes and build them anywhere they like and importance of the location does not count.  They are not selective and all they consider is a strong and sturdy base which is horizontal where they can hang their nest safely. Contact BBPP The Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc for Wasps Removal Bolton who will particularly look for them in:

  • Ceilings
  • Overhangs
  • Eaves

Porch ceilings, overhangs and eaves are their favorite spots and sometimes they also choose a corner where they will get more protection for their nest.

Weathered Wood supply nearby

Paper wasps build their nests with wood fiber and it is a common spices found in households. When they build nest they look for wood fiber sources nearby. The queen wasp scraps the wood material and mixes it with saliva which it spit on the base to generate pulp which is eventually used for building the nest.

Food supply by insects

Wasps feed on other bugs or insects and if you have sufficient supply of them nearby then it is likely that you will have a nest in your premises very soon. If they decide to take lodge in your home you can safely assume that there is a huge supply of insects nearby.

Entry to indoor shelter

Fortunately wasps abandon their nests when winter nears and never come back to the same place which is good news. But they will take shelter indoor to survive the winter, thus making sure that they are in your house for good. The queen wasp will start the process all over again when springs comes blooming.

 Make your home less attractive for wasps

From the above mentioned facts you would have realized that making your home unattractive will get rid of the deadly pests. Your fist line of action will include having pest control takeover regularly around your exterior. This will ensure that there are no bugs that the wasps could feed on.

  • Store or dump trash and leftover food items at a distance
  • Clean up around fruit trees if you have some in your home premises as wasps tend to feed on fallen fruits
  • Flower beds and flower décor of bright colors should be kept at far away distance from your residence as wasp feed on honey from bright flowers
  • Keep water source away or limit them because wasps require water during summer months.

These are second line of action that as a resident bothered by wasps you should take, but the final and telling action is to contact BBPP the Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc for Wasps Removal Richmond Hill and find long term solution. To book a free consultation with BBPP Control, contact us at info@bbppcanada.com or 647-910-6315.

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