How To Exterminate Mice When They Make Life Miserable For You?

Rodents can make life miserable for inhabitants especially mice, because they breed and multiply at fast rates and consequently destroy resources of a home.  It becomes increasingly intolerable when winter sets on and mice take refuge in every crevice available at your homes. They not only eat your food, contaminate your reserves and litter your floor with droppings but also can create a body stench which could cause instant allergies in people. With mice in your home you not only lose your resources but also make the place absolutely unpleasant. However, there is no need to bother because rescue is at hand and you may contact BBPP The Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc for mice control Mississauga..  This is the best way to get rid of the pest as the rodent extermination team will take adequate measures to remove mice out of your sight.

Before you do that you could also do your bit by undertaking the following remedial measures:

Look for them in the crevices of the walls

It is a difficult task to remove mice from the walls, because you won’t find gaping holes where you can thrust you hand inside without obstruction. Dislodging mice from crevices measuring half inch in breadth or less could be extremely hard. If the mice or rat is dead the case becomes worse and paves the way for potential health hazards. One old method is to set trap for the mice and hope the mice will take the bait. This could prove to be a frail attempt because the bait could be compromised if the number is large. Another method is to use rodenticide and feed it to the mice. This could be an effective idea to get rid of mice en masse but you will find it difficult to remove them from the crevice and the smell that emanates from the dead bodies could wreak havoc with your respiratory and sensory system. The situation will need the assistance of the efficient Mice Control Richmond Hill, the Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc for pest control and they will know how to effectively vanish them from your walls and premises.

 Check for them in the Attic

Having mice in attic could be highly annoying as they take their turn in running errands during the dead of the night and generally creating a din which would put paid to your sleeping aspirations.  Little mice with their furry bodies running over your bed can be highly repulsive and the screeching sound they make could be cacophony to your ears. There is also the likelihood of mice droppings strewn all over floor and upholstery not to mention the severed electrical connections by the sharp teeth of the dangerous mice. Chewed wires could cause fire and pipe could leak and eventually leading to flooding. By sealing cracks and holes on the walls the calamity can be averted but not fully because mice can squeeze their body through holes that are impossible to penetrate. Only constant vigil of the attic and extermination could prevent them from taking refuge in the attic and multiplying. But you can find long term solution by contacting BBPP the Best Bug and Pest Protection Inc for Mice Exterminator Mississauga, as they will have the latest knowledge and equipment to get rid of them. To book a free consultation with BBPP Control, contact us at or 647-910-6315.

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